Sunday, March 31, 2013


Pull up a chair, get comfy, have a drink it's going to be a long post, hope you stick with me till the end...............

This was me-before H2B was in the picture and before our first years together- incurring debt during previous marriage, and plain stupidity on my part, and it was a fairly sizable DEBT!!
More than I want to admit..... 


Then, even though I was finally in a much happier place-still before H2B-more purchases were made, (rewarding myself for not killing anyone) all on credit, a lot!
More than I want to admit....

If you haven't been out of control with spending I would Love to shake your hand and congratulate you. It wasn't easy for me to admit to my self that 'Hey Lady' there's a bit of a problem here..Your broke again two days after payday...the paycheck is gone?? So I looked at the countless entries in the checkbook registry....Deficient spending waiting it's turn....measly amounts to various card companies.

**** C~R~A~Z~Y ****

It had to stop...,it was going to stop! I was going to be in control not the credit cards. So I started making a plan...
making a budget...
cutting up cards...

it was HARD to do at first....but I buckled down, then out of curiosity I sent for a free credit report...yet another rude awakening...
[enter 4letter word here]

So there I was, living paycheck to paycheck, digging my way out of the Debt Gutter,
which comes to present day..
I still have a credit card that I (still) owe on but its shrinking every month. I'm making extra payments every chance I get, and want/will be at zero balance by the end of 2014. Do I have all the other cards back? Yes I do, but they are locked up. Occasionally I have used one but only when necessary, for instance hotel rooms in 2009 during mom's funeral, and paid the bill across 3 pay periods. 

I'm doing this on my own...taking responsibility for what I have done to myself and making better choices for my spending. Yes I still have a splurge day, or two, or three, But I always get back on track and I don't use the credit cards.

With all this said, most of my postings have been during breaks from work where I have no privacy {AT ALL!} though I have used the H2B computer whenever I have had a chance. I have finally been able to purchase another laptop, though refurbished/used new to me from the good folks at 'The Computer House' and it is paid for in full...
~~~with Cash~~~!!

And Blogging Again Finally!!

arunnersmom~that what I am!

Friday, March 29, 2013

~Furry Friday~

Meet Roadie, the youngest of the Cline/Eaton four legged kids.  Roadie was found on Stanford road while on our way home {there's a lot to this story}one afternoon 2yrs ago this July.   I've recently found out the Roadie is considered a 'Tuxedo' colored/marked breed. And is going through his terrible two stage just like a kid.   I will say though that when we were battling the cold,sinus,flu crud stuff he was right there with us. When H2B decided that the couch was the best place for him to get some rest {and try not to give me the crud} Roadie would go from the bedroom where I was to the living room where H2B was,
All Night Long!! Poor thing was wore out.   And he is a cuddler at bedtime...sleeping in the crook of my arm with his face nuzzled in my neck, we've had other cats that was allowed in the house at night that slept at the foot of the bed but none that cuddled.
Guess we'll keep him!!!!
arunnersmom (and CatMom)~that's what I am!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So What Wednesday!!

I'm linking up with Shannon at and this is my first attempt So What if...

     So What If...........
  • I'm going to be a 'bride' for the third time in 6mo and 1wk......
  • I'm so completely and totally in Love it should be a crime.....
  • I have an amazing bunch of 'runner kids'.......
  • I have been working for the same company for 36 years.......
  • there are a dozen cats outside, and 1 inside, at least they are ALL spayed &/or neutered....
  • I'm a RH junkie, oh yea I watch all of them.....
  • I watch Duck Dynasty...a lot....
  • I'm cuddling with my Roadie (indoor cat) and trying to blog at the same time...
  • my car and houses are a total mess, this is what happens when your between houses, yes plural.....
  • I'm named after my grand-mother......

Enjoy!! What are your So What If's........

arunnersmom~~that's what I am!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My kids at the Butterscotch Pie 5K

Debbie Biddle

Betty Lewis

Kim Hamilton

Sheri Satterly

Carmen Coleman

Evelyn Barker

my runner daughters

Sheri & Bobbie
We left before all the awards due to taking the grand-daughters to the Mall (always a lot of fun) but Sheri text Bobbie with the news, that they were 1st & 2nd in their age group! Not too shabby for someone that is sick---BOBBIE!! Not sure how my other kids did but based on the times listed in todays paper everyone came home with trophy's...WoooWhoooo!
arunnersmom~~that's what I am!!
also check out my Facebook page for more pictures--

3-23-13 Carol Short~Butterscotch Pie 5K

     Yesterday's race was not a planned/scheduled run but in the running community everyone tries to share and pass along whatever 'goodies' there happens to be. Bobbie was offered a free entry to the Butterscoth Pie 5k in Harrodsburg, big thanks goes out the Sheri for thinking of my baby.
     It was tough for her to run though,

she has come down with the sinus/cold junk that is going around, and before Anyone thinks I give it to her, well your Wrong. She happens to work with the public, she may as well be in preschool with all the germs that comes through the office handling paperwork and money..good Lord ....Yuck!
     Being the trooper that she is, (plus the free t-shirt) she calls to let me know we're running Sat. and you all know my response is~OK what time!!

     It was surprising to see all the people there, it was cold!

     You could tell that 'Carol Short' was a much loved person. Friends and family filled the church along with food items to be auctioned off. I witnessed a Butterscotch pie bring in $125.00, 1 pie people, just 1pie.

     From the obituary I found online Carol was only 60 when she past away, prime of your life age. She graduated from Harrodsburg High school in 1970 and was a former employee of Cricketer Mfg. Co. and also worked at a local restaurant called 'Aunt Gravy's'.At her church she was 1st Lady of the Centennial Baptist Church, a leader of the Women's Fellowship, and also on the Usher Board.
     Carol I regret that we never met, rest assured that your memory lives on in your community. As you are looking over your family and friends I hope you take the time to keep a watchful eye on all my 'runner' kids as well  here are just a few of them.....
arunnersmom~that's what I am!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

HOLLA ~ my blog at BlogLovin!!

not sure what's going on with this google reader crap stuff but just in case here's a link for those of you that follow.....

Follow">">Follow my blog with Bloglovin

arunnersmom~that's what I am!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

TEN Thursday Thoughts!

  • I thought doing a blog would be easy...

  • I thought that I could fight the good fight taking care of the sickies around me with out catching something...

  • I thought I would go balistic on the A-I's (a-holes&idiots) at work this week...

  • I thought people had better sense than to ask me my opinion...

  • I thought having it all included money...

  • I thought I could get better organized in a week...

  • I thought I would cry a river the first time I seen my Baby come across the finish line...

  • I thought I would never find the perfect man to spend the rest of my life with...

  • I thought being published in the Newspaper was as good as it could get...

  • I thought Wow! Now I've really done something by being published in a local hospital's yearly publication... 

a runners mom ~ that's who I am!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shamrock Shuffle 3K ~ Lexington, Ky

Among the many this runner Mom still finds her own!!  Bobbie has done this race for several years now, it is a big attendence race but for some reason it seems really big this year!! Today is the first of three races this weekend, Rockcastle Co, and Frankfort yet to run on Sunday!!

Big, Big crowd this year!

of course~there's my Baby!

Going to send this on to Kentucky Ale!!

arunnersmom~that's who I am!

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's got to get better........

Well so far March has sucked a big one, between work ,

taking care of the H2B,

then starting with the sneezing, (never a good sign for me)

my computer has C~R~A~S~H~E~D!!!
(insert alot of bad-bad words)

then it finally caught hold of me the dreaded bug!, which ends up turning into walking pneumonia, Of Course...

Later Gators...time to regroup....

arunnersmom~that's what I am!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sleeping in on Saturday Morning?? HA!!

Here's a group shot of some of my Runner Kids!!  I thought this winter has been long, well so had everyone else. But then this happens, my kids start getting together, training, running in 5K's, planning the Halfs and Full Marathons that work with job schedules....nothing short of A~W~E~S~O~M~E

Spring Forward~~~Spring into Action!!

Setting clocks ahead?!?!
This happens today!!  
I'm already behind...........

Working at getting things organized,
putting the His & Hers into an "Ours" Household.
Wow it's really happening,
plans are coming together,
staying in budget,
let the count down begin!
Next will be to get back to doing this...
a runners mom-it's what I am

Saturday, March 2, 2013

#17 catch up post~6/2/12 Beef Festival 5K

Beef Festival 5K
Harrodsburg, Ky
This is where it all began, where my young'un started this adventure of walking then running. In 2009 Bobbie and her co-workers decided to walk the festival 5K, why, I don't know and she didn't tell me she was doing it. Afterwards for what ever reason she decides she's going to start doing more of it, which led her to having this phone conversation with me;

(her); Mom, I'm going to race this weekend and thought that if you wanted to come you can...
(me); Race? Race where?
(her); you know run a race.....
(me); uuhhh, run, you? where exactly are you running to?
(her); a 5K race....
(me); again-where are you running to?
(her); it's a 5K and I'm going to run in it, so if you want to go I can pick you up.
(me); well ok then, I guess, what time?

And that is what I've been asking her ever since....what time are you picking me up?

Now for those of you out there in blog-land keep in mind I was in all honestly a little skeptical about her and the 5K thing (more so after I looked up how long a 5K was) due to the fact this child of mine did NOTHING athletic during her school years, Zero, Nada, Zilch!!

So at her very first 'running' race I was there, her personal cheer leader, the holder of keys, jackets, bags, etc, camera ready with tears in my eyes as she came across the finish line. I was one Proud Momma!

And still after all these races I find my self tearing up when I see
'MY' child,
 my athlete runner daughter, 
My biggest accomplishment in life,
My pride and joy coming in to the finish line.

It was later that I became known as "Momawrazzi" (this term came from Bobbie a two of the grand-kids)
and then also becoming "a runners mom".

Here are pics from the the past years....
Oh yeah I got plenty of them....
I'm a runner mom don't cha' know!!!

2010 her first PI at the race that she started her running career....go figure!
I need to do a post about this!

2011 race pic

2012 race pic and still at it!!!

Another Big Crowd!!

Bobbie & Christie Gorley #15

Betty Lewis in Orange

Leo (not sure of his last name)

Rhonda Anderson

Charlene Dodson

Harold Lanham

Melinda Wofford

Jeff Pence

a runners mom~it's what I am!

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Month~New Day~New starts!

It's the First day of a brand new Month, and I will be getting back on track after having work issues as in a lot of hours, my potassium bottoming out (not fun) and then my computer CRASHED and BURNED.  Remember my 2013 word~~~COMMITMENT~~Hang with me OK, there's a lot going on!!
a runner's mom~~that would be Moi