Monday, July 12, 2010

What a week!!!

This has been the longest short week I've had in a long time. Still trying to get caught up with everything and as always if it doesn't get done it will still be there tomorrow...HA! It was a steady pace at work so that helped alot. I've been able to come home and try to get this or that done before going on to my "other home". I was able to surprize the kids by showing up when they all met to train this week..there was going to be a 5K race on Saturday in Lancaster,I have the best time watching and listening to all of them..they each have something in common but yet so opposite. There were six of them in all with G'man as one of them...he runs to not only get the excercise but to also be with Bobbie, awwww! (she knows how lucky she is) They get a plan and take off! It was like being in high school again sitting uptown hanging out on the corner watching people go by, man it brought back memories. I figured I had 40-50 minutes before their return. I was talking to my brother when OMG! they're finished already? Well first it was Gerard & Twilla..and I didn't have not 1 drop of water for them! It was sorry Jim gotta go and get some H2O...thank goodness for "Bluegrass Pizza & Pub" Gerard' friend Melissa is the owner so I ordered 6 glasses a didn't care how much it cost had my debit card ready when next thing I know her husband and one of the waiters are serving the water to all the kids across the no charge! Now that's service!! After sitting there resting, talking, laughing and gossiping we all finally leave to go was 10:30pm when I made it. I really appreciate the fact that my daughter has always had the best group of people around her while in school and now as an adult...It may have helped that I was the mean Mom, but fair..and everyone hung out at the house. I have more to catch up on but it's late and I have a trip to get ready for.......

PS-Saturdays race resulted with 1st place trophy' for Bobbie, Katrina and Twilla! Way to go ladies....,

I'm a runner's MOM!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting back to normal???

????Whatever Normal Is????? Three day weekends are great but out of the ordinary for me. I'm not one of those people that does a lot of play time relaxing things. I guess I should try and do more. In the mean time I will start with Saturday' happinings. Gerard was able to run a 5K race with Bobbie!! Yay!! Its always a challenge trying to keep up with both and get pics of them during the race, once I figure out how to add pics I will add them of the kids. They both ran a good race with both winning awards in their age groups, Bobbie 2nd - Gerard 3rd. This is a race that they both ran in last year, they also received awards in 2009. Gerard was able to improve his time by 3min Bobbie, well she ran about the same time as last year...?...Humm she said she needed to start working on her speed. My other runner girls, Sheri & Katrina were there and also did well, Twilla was on the road coming back from vacation..Once again as the MOM, I can't wait for all the girls to be back together. Afterwards it was Cracker Barrel time with the kids recapping about the race and gossip in general, Gerard knows the other girls and their husbands so there was plenty to listen too. Then off to Walmart (OMG!) to get all the supplies needed for the July 4th cook out I was doing. I had my list I did my best to stay focused on the task at hand then out of the blue I hear "Mommaw Ruby...I see you"! Well as most know when you hear your childs voice you know who it is well the same goes for grand kids. And there he was at the other end of the aisle my little man Baron..hugs kisses and more hugs his request for chicken legs on the 4th, talked about him swimming in the pool and tha his mommy was working after 15 minutes or so they were off as was I. Of course around every turn I could see him again..and I Love It!! A loaded cart later I headed to the house to unload and organize things for a smooth operation on the next day. Off now to see my man of almost 6 years now!!WOW-working on a record! Morning of the cookout Steve made breakfast - oatmeal and the fixin's, lounge around read the paper then back to my house to start prepping for the cook out, menu included any special item requested...what we mom's do for kids. There is a new gas grill that was maybe used one time while my mother was still living so I was unaware that we did not own any grilling utensils, so it was off to the store for Carl, Bless his heart. Steve comes over just in time to see me headed out with the meat products to start cooking...he's in awe as to my ability to grill..he does all of the grilling at his house...but as I get started and being the great man he is he just takes in all the activity on the grill and this woman manning the spatula,long fork, and tongs!! Everyone starts showing up as I am getting the last of the meat cooked. Then its on to the eating. All in all everyone had a good time, including my 2 younger grandkids. Belated b'day cake from BaskinRobbins for Gerard, more quality time together something we don't get to do very often. Everyone comes up with a plan on going to watch the local fire works, as they are leaving I think to myself.........

It's great to be MOM!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Today is the Day!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son-in-law Gerard...he has been in the family going on 18 yrs now!! He truly Loves my daughter and their two daughters. He works hard and plays hard as well. Though he works most of the Sat. mornings when Bobbie has races he does try to compete as well. They have a race coming up in Liberty, Ky a race that they both won awards within their age groups last year. Since they already know the course and have been keeping up with training I expect them to do well. I'm hoping all the rest of the group is there as well.
As I had posted a few days ago I'm in a walk team at work with some of my other "girls" and this week I'm a little behind on my steps, just over 60,000 for me thus far so I need to get a move on....until later remember this

I'm the MOM