Friday, November 30, 2012

LCHS Diamond Dash 5K

As a mom we tend to do all sorts of things for our children with that said a friend at work asked if I could help her out with her daughters softball team.  She knows that my daughter runs and has friends that also run so when she asked me to give out fliers for the Diamond Dash 5K of course I said I would.
Here's the catch though, she also explained before giving them to me that for every entry her daughter would receive a portion towards her uniform!
 'Nuff said!!
I was on it!
I have been a single parent before and know how difficult it can be so I took this as a personal challenge. After emails, face book, and handing out the fliers at prior races not only did the runners come through we fudged (only a little) and helped out a couple other Diamond Dash girls get a huge discount on their uniform as well!
Enjoy the pics!!

silly girl!

at the start listening to how the course went

didn't know what their names were but soon after became some of my 'runner kids' (Hi David and Kelly)

#54 is my Deanna from Sommerset, Ky~#96 is Charlene Dodson (sorry #69 not sure who you are)

here are a couple of my 'boys' David is in the dark blue and Michael in the lighter also Deanna's hubby!

not sure why she's smiling I guess it's because I got her into this and it's not even part of a series~~Love you Too!!

Bobbie, Deanna and Charlene' arm after the race

David and Rhonda Anderson

Deanna and Michael Lee

more medals, Charlene, Russell and my Baby!
As we go along with more posts there will be different people to see. I have been going to as many races as I can and am known as Bobbie' mom (which is fine with me).

arunnersmom~that's what I am!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Catch-up post #2

My baby girl before the race

     Heart & Sole 5K in a neighboring town of Lexington. After bathroom breaks and waiting for the race to start like all runners do we were all milling around and everyone talks to everyone else, They are like one Huge Happy Family! Whether they know you or not they talk and support each other. My young'un is no different. 
     Next thing I know we are in a conversation with this man (Hi Louis) that seems to have a little bit of nervous energy. He's talking with another man about times, speed, how cold it is (it's February by the way) and how all he want to do is just finish. And then it begins, he and Bobbie are discussing running and training, getting advice and whatever else. Then we are exchanging email and face book info. Whew!  

Bobbie and Louis Cornelius before the race he's so funny.

And she's off!

Man'o'Man it was cold!!
And where am I?
Oh yeah I'm out there as well!
Ear muffs, scarf, gloves, 2 layers on the bottom, 3 layers on top and Camera Ready!!

Missed Louis at the start but here he is coming through strong!!

I'm cold just looking at her!

     So there it is race #2 and as always it was a lot of fun!! Louis also friended 'MOI' as well on face book and takes the time to comment on some of the photos that I happen to post.
     One of my other 'runner kids' changed job locations near where Louis lives I don't know that they have actually had time to connect but I'm sure their paths will cross, they're runners after all, one Huge Happy Family!!
arunnersmom~that's who I am!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

as promised~playing catchup

Bobbie with 2B step-dad

Ended up with a deceit crowd!
Ahhh there's another of my runner kids-Hi David Anderson (with the blue shorts and orange hat)

and little miss Rhonda (in the black) with Ashley (in blue shorts silly girl not even capris)

1st in her age group!! My Baby!

     1st up 'KSD 5K Fun Run' February 2012...this right FEBRUARY!! And though it's not snowing, it had been raining and was still misting rain before and during the race. Yea that's right rain and cold!! But as mom of a runner there I am!
      I orginally started out dog sitting for one of the runners but when the race was getting ready to start I asked my H2B (husband 2 be) to hold the leash as I wanted to snap a few of the beginning, no problem right? He's with me and Bobbie, everyone has seen us right?
     Nope the dog thing didn't happen she got really excited with all the runners and then her master went by as well-not a good thing. So she ended up with one of the walkers who is also their friend.
     H2B even stayed awhile for the awards then went home to thaw out-such a trouper he is-That's it for this post the season had started once again!!



Sunday, November 18, 2012

This time with more purpose and (wait for it) planning!!!

Good God, time has come and gone and Life has continued to move at warp speed!! Between work, relationship, trying to take of houses and the runner daughter it's been hectic to say the least. But guess what, so is everyone else and they have/make time to read others blogs. What will make the balance of the year and the coming year different,?, glad you asked. I'm excited about a meeting I had this past week with Andrew from Danville Bike and Footwear. He will be putting my runner pics with the race results from the 2012 race series!! And he had suggested that I/we do a blog of some kind. Um what?? Me?? O~M~G I'm so excited!
With that said here's what's going to happen...There will be updated posts in which I will choose a picture or a few pictures from the 2012 race season and make some comments to go along with the race. Now most people don't remember from one month to the next where they were let alone what they were doing, I though can remember at least something from all of the races due to my own 'runner daughter' Bobbie competing in them and I was there to document the race with pictures. This will catch up the races from this year and then we can start a fresh running season in 2013.

Wow! 2013 is just right around the corner - like in 44 days!

This time with more purpose and planning I hope to get a few followers and look forward to getting comments from the posts I make.

'a runners mom' just a part of who I am!