Friday, February 14, 2014

~~ Bad, Bad Blogger ~~

 Hi, my name is A Runners Mom its been 3 months and too many days since my last post [hanging head in shame]. It's obvious that I need to enter a support group for Bad Bloggers. Soooo much has gone on since my last post and though there are a lot of reasons why, they all sound like excuses. I really need to do some catching up posts, but for now I want to just start fresh with today. Let me start by saying I was suppose to have several weeks off from the running photography stuff.
Well that didn't happen!
Leave it to my young'un to get back in the swing of things with not only running yet again on her wedding {Jan 1st} anniversary with her Hubby, but to also start competing in races. I didn't go with them on the anniversary run, since the kids eloped 13 yrs ago and I wasn't there then {and I'm OK with that} I decided that's their day and good ole Mom is sleeping in and doing NOTHING!! I did however go with her to the Resolution 5K Run and she started the Rockcastle Series with a race in Brodhead, enjoy some of the pictures of ''my'' runner kids from the race.
Bobbie & Gerard before the race. At least it was a good day we had been having Polar Vortex cold weather during January so this was a welcome surprise. 
Harper Smith

one of our running Preacher's - Brother Stillman

Morgan Bottoms - I'm not sure he would have ran had the weather been colder.
Kim Hamilton
LaWanda Carr

Here's my SIL, isn't he cute!

my young'un Bobbie, sun in her face and looking determined
Amanda Smith-Sheffer
2nd in her age group, great way to start this Series.
a runners mom~~that's what I am!