Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 first--

OK blog world I'm going to try this yet again!!! As everyone knows I'm a runners mom...yep that's my daughter on the left..this bit of craziness is out of character for her and it's attributed to being under the peer pressure of her friend (one of my newly acquired runner daughters) Sheri.As you can see they are dressed for running in the 2011 New Year..!
Along with running in the New Year - (are they not the cutest!?!)they both thought of goals they each wanted to accomplish (do) during the year...peer pressure again has my baby signing up for a full marathon...that's right were talking 26.2 miles!!! So not only is she crazy but insane as well..
There haven't been any races to report on since last year but there is one coming up next month..I'm the official Cheerleader, pic Historian, keeper of stuff and basically the with that race I will be reporting on the race, how she and the rest of my runner girls have done and will include as many pics as I can figure out how to post. I will update with what ever training is going on as much as I can...until later I'm one of the luckiest women I know 'cause I'm "arunnersmom"!!