Saturday, December 22, 2012

#9 catch up post 4-14-12 Autism 5K

Talking with Jenna and her Mom Jennifer, these ladies have been at a lot of the races this year that Bobbie has done and other than the 'Hey How are You's' today they're comparing who all they know that also runs, comparing finish times, which races are the favorites, and Lord only knows what else! Like I said before the 'runner' group knows No stranger. 

At least she's smiling

Hi Rebecca May Garcia! such a funny girl, and Lincoln Co girls Basketball Coach!

Little Miss Jenna, Tall and Skinny thing !

Jennifer Gover, Bless her heart she really does so well with this running thing, though she doesn't think so!

Oh Yeah~~We are All About getting the Free Stuff!!

Group photo of everyone that Ran/Walked today, Great Job to Everyone!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Catch up Post #8 3-31-12 Run the Bluegrass Half/Full Marathon

Sarah, Bobbie and Shalin before the race

Bobbie met up a fellow blogger Courtney

Race Bling!!

yet another runner 'girl' Carmen

my girls are off ~ lookin all Happy now we'll see how they are in 13.1 miles!!

Yea! got to see my niece Jessica as well! Didn't know she signed up for this!?!

Not so Happy lookin now, still waiting on Sarah

Jason already came through and as always goes to find his wife and runner 'daughter' Angela!

re-fueling after the race chocolate milk was provided after the race

Bless her Heart! She was having a difficult time getting her compression socks on,
and I was No Help either (yes I was laughing while she struggled!)

Bobbie was so wanting a sub 2:00, but not this time around. I continue to be a Proud Momma though! She still amazes me every time she steps foot on the race course. As for Sarah (thought I forgot didn't you) well she was about 5-6 miles in and twisted her ankle on the side of the race course so she ended up being picked up by the EMT's and taken back to her car after treatment. Unfortunately I completely zoned out and didn't think about Courtney again, but please go to her blog and check her out as well, @

a runners mom ~ that's who I am!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catch # 7 post 3/24/12 Rocket Runner

Chatting before the race

a few of my 'runner' girls Sarah, Deanna and Charlene

Go Jason #873!!

All my runner boys were in blue today~ David and Michael behind #924

Deanna coming in strong~
Sarah Striding on through the finish

This race was one of the Rockcastle Series and the second race that Bobbie was able to compete in. There were a few from the running group there as well, for March it was somewhat cool to start but soon warmed up for the runners. I Love being part of the 'team' and taking pictures of everyone, little did I know that Dwain Harris also noticed. More on that later, and there are a lot of posts yet to make in order to catch up!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Catch up #6 3/17/12 Shamrock Shuffle

I tell her to look a little bit excited and this is what I get~way to early this morning!

as always a big crowd running

ain't she cute?

She's glad its over with
part of the entertainment while waiting on the results from the race
these girls have been all over the country competing


This race is one of my favorites mainly because of the atmosphere everyone has before, during , and after. There are Bagpipes being played and costumes abound, And with this race it's still early in the season and Bobbie is getting back to her more competitive nature, (LOL guess she gets that from my side). There still aren't many of the regular runners in the pics yet, most of them are not doing any races that isn't in the Wilderness Trace series. I'm still learning about the camera that H2B bought me for Christmas and still figuring out how to change the long range zoom lens quickly or at all. More to come with all this.

a runners mom ~ that's what I am!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update #5 Run for the Gold 3/17/12 at Frankfort, Ky

Bobbie met up with her friend Kathy

my SIL #112 also ran today

After the run resting near the train tracks that runs through down town Frankfort

my Baby's babies Kaylan on the right and Baylee on the left

placed in her age group!!
This race was an evening race but when the kids started running it was actually still daylight. And one of the few races that the SIL can also compete in. The weather was picture perfect, not real warm not really chilly perfect! It's also the first race in the 'Trifecta' series and with the age group place tonight Bobbie is on her way! The grand-daughters also came along tonight which does'nt happen a lot. Another post yet to come will show that this is race #2 for today, so I'm a little tired and ready to go home, that is after some dinner at the SIL favorite place Frisch's Big Boy!!

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's that time of year!

This will be such a fun thing to do!
2012 Christmas Card Swap Logo.jpg

 I missed the card swap dead line for Kim's at life has been productively busy and I've not taken the time to read every ones blog posts, sorry guys. I'm slowly getting things in order with life in general so I hope to be up to date with all the blogs out there as well as My own!

Till later!
I'm a runners mom

Thursday, December 6, 2012

4K for Heart Health

always time for catching up before the race 

everyone has a unique choice in shoe color

Michael #828 starting out in the front of the pack

Charlene #425 all smiles for now

More Bling for Michael and Bobbie


This race was the second in the Rockcastle Regional 2012 Series. My silly girl apparently 'forgot' the first race of the year so this was her beginning run and will try to complete at least 7 in order to qualify for a T-shirt. There were several here today but I only have a few pictures. At the time I had not yet been asked for any photos so I only concentrated on taking pictures of the runner group Bobbie knows. In the coming races/months is when the group grew and accepted Moi as the 'Mom'.

Friday, November 30, 2012

LCHS Diamond Dash 5K

As a mom we tend to do all sorts of things for our children with that said a friend at work asked if I could help her out with her daughters softball team.  She knows that my daughter runs and has friends that also run so when she asked me to give out fliers for the Diamond Dash 5K of course I said I would.
Here's the catch though, she also explained before giving them to me that for every entry her daughter would receive a portion towards her uniform!
 'Nuff said!!
I was on it!
I have been a single parent before and know how difficult it can be so I took this as a personal challenge. After emails, face book, and handing out the fliers at prior races not only did the runners come through we fudged (only a little) and helped out a couple other Diamond Dash girls get a huge discount on their uniform as well!
Enjoy the pics!!

silly girl!

at the start listening to how the course went

didn't know what their names were but soon after became some of my 'runner kids' (Hi David and Kelly)

#54 is my Deanna from Sommerset, Ky~#96 is Charlene Dodson (sorry #69 not sure who you are)

here are a couple of my 'boys' David is in the dark blue and Michael in the lighter also Deanna's hubby!

not sure why she's smiling I guess it's because I got her into this and it's not even part of a series~~Love you Too!!

Bobbie, Deanna and Charlene' arm after the race

David and Rhonda Anderson

Deanna and Michael Lee

more medals, Charlene, Russell and my Baby!
As we go along with more posts there will be different people to see. I have been going to as many races as I can and am known as Bobbie' mom (which is fine with me).

arunnersmom~that's what I am!