Saturday, January 19, 2013

#12 catch up post~5-5-12 Haggin 5K

     This is a fun race that the kids like to do in part due to there are stuffed animals all along the course. The runners try and find one and carry it while they complete the 5K. Doesn't sound hard to do you say?!? Well it's normally soaked through from the rain and that adds a lot of extra weight and added aggravation. Those that have a animal get an 'extra' prize which are donated from area merchants. Now for some pics..............
See the pavement, always rain!
It's either raining
or has been raining,
or starts to rain during the race,
But it ALWAYS rains

Off they go!

my young'un in pink

the 'cheer' leaders

pics of the trophy's, always nice.

not sure what kind of goose he is but definitely different!

Rick Serres in the rain poncho.

Runner kid 'David Grigson'

Runner kid 'Jason Todd'

WooHoo Good job to Ernst Weber
(owner of Danville Bike and Footwear)

Mark Morgan and Russell Woods is trailing behind him!

Bobbie with Kelly hot on her heels

After the ladies running cross the finish line they
receive a long stem Rose,
Bobbie always gives me hers
(she Loves her Momma)

Way to Go Kim Hulett!

and there's my Angela.

~part of the weekly run team~


All the 'Swag' my young'un received today,
(I let her borrow my rose for the photo)

     As in the first photo it ALWAYS rains or has rained during the Haggin 5K. I have photos (somewhere) of the races that Bobbie have run and in them is one picture in particular that shows the runners coming off the start line and a streak of Lightning bolting down behind them. Poor Rick(Serres) had a fleeting moment to try and stop the race~but in the time it took him to think it they were already well on their way. So there we all were, with umbrellas and standing under the trees trying to stay as dry as possible. Now I know your thinking 'dummy' why not just go to the shelter where it was dry. The way I see it if all these runners can run in the rain (or whatever elements going on) then I can stand at the finish and wait on them........because you know what?

I'm a runners mom~that's what I do!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

#11 catch up post 4-28-12 Derby Half/Full Marathon

The night before full/half marathons there's an expo of some degree.
Getting included in these means spending more time with my young'un.
See the shirt she's wearing, my way of reminding her
she can do anything she sets her mind too!

Finding Sarah in the holding coral, Sarah was doing the full 26.2,
Whew! I'm tired just writing it, LOL!!

After hugs, kisses, Good Luck wishes, and PLEASE Be Safe,
I always look back to see them one last time before
I head out to try and find a good photo opportunity spot,
most times I head for a halfway point to get pics of all my kids.

Funny fellow here!

Mosaic Serpent under a walk bridge.

Even some of the Somerset crew is here...

She was wanting to break 2:00:00~Running, Breathing, Talking,
deep inside she's smiling though!

After seeing her pass the 12 mile mark I knew she had this!

Told Ya!!

More runner kids~Jeff and Angie Pence.

Jeff congratulates Bobbie for beating her previous record time with time to spare!

runner kid Carmen Coleman.

And of course we stayed for Sarah to finish!
She was surprised to see us?!?
Silly girl where else would we be!!

Smiled at the start
Smiling at the finish!

Sarah girl you Rock!!
a runners mom - that's what I am!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

#10 catch up post 4-21-12 Run for Russia, Mt Vernon Ky

Dwain Harris, Little did I know at the time of this race
He noticed that I was at the races camera ready!
More on this later on I'm talking BigTime stuff (well to me it is)
this poor fella Just look at his knees!
apparently he fell at the turn around,
due to the slippery wet roads,
and TORE UP both knees.
This is a True runner in the making.
He finished even with Blood dripping from the wounds.

my Girlie Girl Deanna!
Looking miserable but keeping on till the end!

Only Charlene can be Smiling coming through the finish!

See how wet they are, this is how it was the whole dang race! 

Awwww! Look at my girls! trying to keep dry under the building overhang!

Proceeds from this race as well as other donations went towards a mission in  Russia.
This pic shows not only timeline but photos of the people and buildings that benefited.

Charlene (above) and Bobbie(below) both placed in their age groups.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's do this!

     OK so here's the deal, I like thousands of others do the Facebook thing, so while checking in the other night one of my "likes" The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans posted a 2013 weight loss challenge. Yeah ok your thinking Ugh! loosing weight, exercise, the dreaded 'D' word (diet). But instead I was already thinking ahead for a different twist to the resolution phase everyone seems to do. I am using the one word idea for 2013 and with my December 31, 2012 midnight post my 2013 word is Commitment!
     Melissa Anderson is the admin for The Sisterhood and here is what the company overview is, "The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is an online weight-loss and fitness community for people who's jeans are too tight! We feature online weight-loss and fitness challenges, product reviews and giveaways, healthy recipes, personal success stories, and a lot of fun!"
     Once you liked the post you were in for the challenge you can have your own 'buddy' or sign up for one. Apparently with all the 'likes' a lot of us ended up with two buddies. WooHoo! I'm pumped! I heard from my team early this morning and have already started the ball rolling. Jenn has graciously volunteered to be Captain, (at'ta girl Jenn), and I voted for our team name of 'Skinny Jean Sisterhood'. I have also added a miles ticker to my blog and will update every week when I update my mileage at Daily mile. I'm NOT and most likely will NEVER be a runner and though this is a blog as a runners mom I will also add bits and pieces of my quest to 2013 miles with steps in 2013.
     I will complete yet another catch up post of a runner race tomorrow, and things are coming together for me with the photography stuff so stay with me in my journey(s).  Here's to a fabulous year ahead!!  

Happy New Year!! Its 2013!

As 2012 comes to an end I have thought about what resolutions I would write. Well instead I have decided on just a word, yes just one for the upcoming New Year.

~ Commitment ~
To myself,
my H2B,
and to all my runner kids
I Love You All!
a runners mom ~ it's what I am!!