Thursday, February 8, 2018

MOPS Mommaw ~ OCD at it finest

And a Long Day so far...
Coffee & vitamins before heading out to MOPS....the MR headed for his monthly PT session, come March 1st  PT will be with me at the gym...Jus'Sayin!
Yep I'm a MOPPETT which translates into I'm a Babysitter for 1-2 yr olds while their Momma's have a meeting/get together...I started this last year helping out when my friend and fellow church member Amanda reached out to the congregation asking for anyone who could spare a couple hours once a month. Who doesn't have 2 hours ONCE a MONTH to help??
so here I am with a Room full of little people...Girls & Boys that I can get down on the floor to play with, and just be silly....also it gives me my 'Mommaw' fix since my grandkids are grown and don't want to be around as much have responsibilities of their own.
Two of the kids I'm partial to as I know the parents,
Tara just wasn't sure what to think of the others kids running around.
Elam trying to smile and get a sip at the same time.
After MOPS it was home for lunch and wait for the delivery of the new treadmill....[yet another post too come]
What's the first thing I see ??
Oh LORT...I Can't Even !! Here we go, the MR is off telling what else. 
I go in to change clothes and find the bed in dis-Array and not from the Fur Babies...ASS has sat on the bed !  Nope, NOpe, NOPE! Once I make the bed unless it's TIME to go to bed, don't get on it - Sorry NOT Sorry...I can't even !! {maybe I should go back to Threapy again?}
See that wrinkle where Ass has sat down, [if this doesn't bother you just Stop now and come back tomorrow]....OCD overload...I Can't Even !
Get it straightened back up head for the bathroom then this.......
I know...I know!   OCD OVERLOAD!
Finally Lunch..
Something simple Pita Pocket filled with lettuce, sliced up Ham, & shredded cheese..once I have it all in the pocket I put dressing on top and take a fork to mix it a olives and a few tortilla chips while I read the morning paper...
I checked the menus I planned and decided on Manwich tonight, again something I've made extra of and froze in portion sizes...this will go great with the rest of the Sweet potato leftover, add in a side salad, Yummy for my Tummy and everything is ready to go when I get back from the gym and before my meeting tonight...Planning/Organizing/Follow through for the WIN!!
Then of course - Again?? CRAP  !
Oh well that's it for now, Off to change for Zumba with Mavis tonight -- that will make 4 times going to the gym...#IGotThis  #HappyFitYear
Anyone else have Quirks or are OCD ??
How's your planning going or, are you ??
Anyone out there have Grand Kids ??
Hugs,Kisses RunWalk Safe Wishes
A Runner's Mom & More.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday Woe ~ Gym for the Win ~ Non Sponsored Post

That for real was me this morning...even with getting the alarm set right I didn't get up when it went off~I can't even~....though I'm notorious for a snooze button once or twice..three's there for a reason am I right??
But in my defense I stayed up way to long last night partially because I wanted to catch up on some recorded show [RHO--anything] and a few others cause of the UK vs TN game was on...and because I got extremely pissed aggravated at the MR for not only Not eating my planned dinner but also the fact that he just could not stop with one of his bad habits, which ended up All Over the kitchen floor....did I not JUST mop it here I am getting a mop and rags to soak up the mess when there he stands with a Dust Mop? Please....just get out of my way cause this is a Laminate floor and I don't want it soaking through...UGH!!
then I'm sitting trying my best to relax when outside I hear not just a pitter patter of rain drops but the knocking of pelting rain drops...and it's colder...Great Just Great! Did I slam my car door?? Will it open ok in the morning? Shit..Crap so I get dressed put my boots on and go out to 'adjust' the car door so it won't freeze shut....sigh~I can't even....
So anyway waking up the morning my Best friends were COFFEE...and Sinus Meds cause My head is busting....from top, bottom, and both sides.....or maybe stress whatever it's got to go...
R.I.P.P.E.D. class for the Win!!
As soon as I worked on gym schedules I put together my clothes for this mornings class...I want to take a minute to talk about my SoxyFeet [FYI-this is NOT a paid post] I Love SoxyFeet socks, admittedly in the beginning wearing 2 different socks had my OCD bonkers but after wearing them and having my feet Happy, Happy, Happy it's all Good! Perfect for any activity as they help wick away moisture...If you're interested in trying them I'm an Ambassador --use SOXYRUBY for a discount when you check out!
Then there's SHEFIT sports bras.... If you have done this before...
I highly recommend a SHEFIT bra. For me personally I tried a number of sports bras from local stores, Sporting goods stores and such,,I NEED a bra that will keep the bounce to a minimum - preferably zero but lets be honest, unless your in binding there's always some bounce..SHEFIT has been a God send...there are hooks to help keep it secured while it's zipped & you get to adjust not only around but the shoulder Straps....the STRAPS people. As tight as you need for whatever activity your doing, or, loosen to a comfort level of your choice when your finished. I will however admit they are $$pricey$$ but so worth it...
Gobbler shirt thanks to my small partnership with RaceRise Timing, Love being able to help in my own small way taking pictures of the runners/walkers during events from 5K to Full Marathons they can do it many to choose from check them out here.
And of course with this mop of curly hair I Love my BondiBand headband...Wicking and it stays in place..
On my way home I passed MOTHER EARTH expelling Awesome to witness the powers she has..
Lunch today was another Smoothie, I had extra from Monday left over that I froze so just added another Banana, the rest of the leftover fruit, a little Almond Milk, and a little of GLUKOS protein powder, Just what I needed after the gym...
Go in to get showered before starting this post only to find this...
Muddy Paw prints...whichever Toddler cat did this Thank you so Much ...said no one ever!

 That's it from me today...Hugs, Kisses, Run/Walk Safe Wishes.

A Runners Mom & More


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I can see clearly now! - Water everyday - Zumba

It is isn't it...Tuesday and feeling like it should be Thursday at the Very Least....
Got all my Favorite containers filled, ready to...I do this daily! Huge thanks to my friend Julie for making my Flamingo Mama & MOM SQUAD cups...LOVE'em
Started the day of course with COFFEE!! Thinking I should really cut back on this....Not!
The first thing rolling my day was the dishwasher, of all the daily chores I do this is the one I Hate to do...don't know why cause it's the simplest one to do...Loading it I'm OK with but putting them away...Shew'eee if it wasn't for the sink and counters getting over ran by dirty dishes/pots & pans I would let the sucker go until I need something out of it, that's what I get for cooking instead of going out to eat.....
The countdown has begun for this chore to pass onto the MR - 13 more days and he joins the retirement club...THIRTEEN! Well to be honest he's actually not retiring then but with vacation he has already accrued and the Floating Holidays his last ''working'' day is mid-month. I Can't Wait! We have much to do and the ''Planning'' has begun, not just with household & yard projects but his newest coming soon I Promise! 
A little TV time today for a change before heading to get some new's been a while since I got different glasses, but do to the whole MR retiring thing getting ready to happen I figured get'em while I can now.
My prescription has changed a lot bit and the cataracts have grown some....nothing to worry about yet as I expected them to develop long before now [Thanks Mom-got that heredity thing].
Meal prep for tonight Meatless Meal for the win...Baked Sweet Potato, Sweet corn, Cottage Cheese, and Salad is on the menu...
Prepped for the gym last night all I need to do is get there...luckily there wasn't any of the expected rain, sleet, snow forecasted last night so I won't be late...
I've missed going to class and though I need to take it easy and not over-do it I will make exercise & fitness & healthy eating a better priority. 
Zumba with Mavis was on point as Always!! Love, Love, LOVE her teaching... just enough pause between songs to show the steps ahead of the music...

Back to working on the meal plan [three weeks worth done-go me] I started planning for winter meals a long time ago and as $$ allowed I would pick up items to use for later and cooked extra meals more so for the MR to re-heat when I am gone on destination races,
schedules [gym-meetings-races for the win],
and budgets [almost balanced]....
That's my Thursday crap Tuesday hope you're all doing well!
Do you Zumba??
How much water do you get in a Day?
Can you plan 3weeks worth of meals?

Hugs, Kisses, Safe Run/Walk Wishes

A Runners Mom and More

Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Things to Do ~ Having a PLAN

Monday Motivation
Once I finished yesterdays blog post I made my plan for todays activities first by getting clothes ready for the gym which may not seem like a lot to most but for me it was just what I not only wanted to do but needed to do....
My Soxy Feet says it all I had a Plan and there was No going back....On to the next task...getting the bed made, Yep I'm one of 'Those' people, I can't tell you how happy I am when this is done.
Coffee ALWAYS first, then Breakfast next and if you checked in with yesterdays post you seen where I had made these eggs and French Fry hash browns while cooking other stuff, add a piece of toast and DONE! 
Next up...Head for a class at the Gym....yeah OK~~When did all This Happen??
My Entire car is Froze in all the doors, windows you name it, everything was froze so the plan to go to the gym was temporarily on Hold.   I dug around in the garage looking for de-icer and as luck would have it I found this time I have 20 minutes to get to the gym...I sprayed, tugged, sprayed some more when Finally I got a door open...a Back Door...well OK climb over the seat and shoulder push the driver door only to almost fall out of the car....cause De-Icer!
OK...I'm in the car, get it started, step out to spray windows all around and slip on a ice patch,
Lord Help Me I REALLY Want to Cuss go to the gym I have a plan....
now I have 10 minutes till class starts...
It's cold sitting in the car waiting...waiting on it to warm up and hopefully thaw out enough for me to get a spot on the window to see through....Now I'm just aggravated enough to go back in the head hurts, my shoulder is reminding me I banged it on the door, and my back has decided to twitch when I walk...
Once in the house I look at the class schedule One More Time - it just started - of Course it has.
But Again I Have A Plan.
Back outside I'm able to scrape a hole to see out of and I'm finally on my way. Class has already started and not sure if I will be able to still do it or not but I'm going to do something at the gym....It's my Plan!!
YEA!!!  I got to the gym and Thankfully Autumn has given me the Thumbs up to still join in....Silver Sneakers class for the WIN. Don't judge I've been out for a while so starting back slowly with a Plan. I enjoyed my time there even if it was only 45 minutes worth, stopped on the way out and got the MR signed up to start in March....Welcome to Retirement Sweetie!
Headed home to shower and fix a Smoothie for Lunch:
6oz Almond Milk, 1 frozen banana, leftover strawberries [1/2], 1T flaxseed, scoop of GLUKOS protein powder, Ice till I liked the consistency.....
Next it's some of the usual stuff..Load of laundry, dust mopped {thank goodness for hardwood floors--so easy to take care}, damp mopped the kitchen {'cause Laminate floors there}, and got the bathroom cleaned.....

 For the rest of the day I'll get dinner ready for tonight work on a menu plan, budget plan, look at what races are coming up, look at some of the MR's newest adventure stuff, and maybe finish one of the books I'm reading.
 Until next time Hugs, Kisses, Safe Run/Walk Wishes

A Runner's Mom & More

Sunday, February 4, 2018

2/4/18 Busy week ahead + Super Bowl Sunday means prep + Laura

Well look at me getting another blog post out!!  Let's just say that even with all of Life's challenges I've learned the one main key is Planning/Organizing/Follow Through...OK that's three things....and Not necessarily in that order.

But there they are, last week's events  Slapped me along the Head and got my attention and it wasn't  even MY event. It was for the MR  [he's deserving of his on post and will do that later this week}....

But back to me, I try to lead a Active & Full life, this year though sometimes it happened most times it didn't...not sure what was going on with me -- thinking it was a combination of things all jumbled together inside without a way to get out...Whatever it was it's gone now thank Goodness. How it happened is anyone's guess but one thing for certain is this Chick has got her Groove back and a few more Hats to wear.

Along with  MR event and leading up to and the hectic days since, I managed to stand still long enough to think about my friend Laura....She Too has many-MANY Hats to wear.

Seeing her at the Race Director's Symposium yesterday was Just What I Needed....after she reviewed her presentation we were able to talk for a few minutes and get caught up on a few things, but most importantly I wanted her to know "She" was the person I thought of when I was in the middle of a challenge brought on from the MR's event....yet another job to do [and I'm glad to do it], something that I need to get educated on and Quick!

Something that made me realize my Active & Full Life just wasn't~I wasn't Planning anymore...I wasn't Organizing things and I sure as Crap wasn't Following Through. But I know all that is behind me...I've managed to recoup and get my Crap together....

So Laura Coombs this post is for you and all the hats we wear!

Hugs, Kisses, Run/Walk Wishes
A Runner's Mom & More

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Accountability--Starting with yesterday--Friendship counts no matter how small....

Soo I'm doing it again...going to put the Big (really big) Girl Panties On and Just do IT!! More so for the fact that I made A Runners Mom & More FB page Public....Yes you are reading it right, it's live & open to the Public. I'm ready to become more of what I preach be Accountable!! Now keep in mind since I'm M~O~R~E than a runners mom there will be All sorts of junk  stuff here for your reading pleasure. I will report on the running adventures that my daughter is doing which as everyone knows is My one Greatest Achievement in life!  I tag along with her (she lets me) and her Best running Buddies....with David as her Very Bestest BRF.
But lets start with today...up earlier than normal I was scheduled to do my MOPS thing. It's a Mom's group that gets together once a month at a local church, I'm what's called a MOPPET.
We are basically a Baby Sitter for the kids... as you can see from the first few sentences ''the moms need to take time to refresh themselves'' and '' because of Me us they can truly relax....really people?? refresh yourself & relax....I'm good with that but it's another one of those things that boggle my mind about parenting these days.
Now don't take all this the wrong way [but if you do get over it] I went to work to ''refresh'' myself and to ''relax'' from the parenting house wasn't cleaned every day because I appreciated my child {I'm positive they do as well}when I finished with my day/week at Work I spent my time with her...of  course I had parents that wanted to come and whisk her off for the weekend...and I let them sometimes, but she was baby girl, my daughter who from the minute she took her first breath I became a whole other person....a Mom.
So Much for the bandwagon...
I now have grandkids who are old enough to make me a 'Great' I want that? I can wait, when and IF it happens I'll do you best I can at being the meantime what little ITCH there is at wanting another baby to hold and cuddle, to play on slides & swings, to play tea with or trains & trucks or cars I'll just be a MOPPET.
 Last year I was with 3-4 yr olds they were for the most part OK to watch a little needy but all in all OK...This year I have 1-2yr olds...OMG....I question my sanity sometimes...but will never question being a friend and helping where I can when I can.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

You just can't fight genetics.

Here I am Again!!

August seems like it's Flying by.....I've had soooo Much going on the last few weeks with the MR's health, then my MIL, and again with the BIL (shhh don't really care about his crap).

Lets start with the MR....he's had a few issues before we became MR & MRS with the Ticker (2009) at which time I almost lost him...he ended up with a stint being put in the Widow Maker Artery. He was very lucky he didn't die during that time. A LOT of PT, time off work meds, revamped and finally he recouped. Though there were lifestyle changes done and he did improve You just can't fight genetics.
Now again it's reared it's ugly head yet again....he had been having heartburn, acid reflux, etc.....after consulting with 'Web MD' [I hate that site] he continued to eat Tums/Rolaids like they were candy until Yep pains in his chest & arm sent him to the ER from work on Friday....

After everything was said and done at the they couldn't find anything heart related for his chest & arm pain, but suspected it was his gall bladder that was giving him problems so we went on home. He went to work the next day [Saturday] had a couple more 'mini' attacks but since he was told it wasn't heart related he continued on...But Then Sunday morning was a Whole Other Story...he felt like crap, had some discomfort in his chest and just lousy feeling. We went to his family Dr on Monday....he informed us the Gall Bladder NEVER causes pain in your arm. He did order a gall bladder & Upper GI test and also managed to get us a heart Dr appointment the very next day..Thank You Jesus!!
Well the heart Dr really hated being second he orders another stress test (the MR just had one in March)....

So within a 2wk time period (as in 14 days) here's a re-cap in a nutshell:
     3 Doc's = 1 ER, 1 family & 1 Heart
     1 ER visit
     2 Dr's appointments
     4 medical tests = 1 GallBladder, 1 Upper GI, 1 Stress Test, + Blood Work
     1 Heart Cath
     2 Stints in the Widow Maker Artery!!!

Physical Therapy and some much needed time off is the current future plan....

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tuesday Tangent!

Routine.....a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.
Habit......a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.
Why can I not seem to get into one of these with my blogging....
I want to Blog, I really do......
I have stuff going through this thick head of mine, And the worse part I have Many, MANY races with videos already for recaps in DRAFT!!!!
So Why??
More importantly What!!
What am I going to do about this blog.....
How about this....Start OVER!!
I will be starting ANEW, I will start with a list of New Action Words for myself.....I Will make it a Habit to get into a Blogging Routine, I Will organize my day/time to if nothing else pop in and say Hey There....How ya doing....