Thursday, November 9, 2017

Accountability--Starting with yesterday--Friendship counts no matter how small....

Soo I'm doing it again...going to put the Big (really big) Girl Panties On and Just do IT!! More so for the fact that I made A Runners Mom & More FB page Public....Yes you are reading it right, it's live & open to the Public. I'm ready to become more of what I preach be Accountable!! Now keep in mind since I'm M~O~R~E than a runners mom there will be All sorts of junk  stuff here for your reading pleasure. I will report on the running adventures that my daughter is doing which as everyone knows is My one Greatest Achievement in life!  I tag along with her (she lets me) and her Best running Buddies....with David as her Very Bestest BRF.
But lets start with today...up earlier than normal I was scheduled to do my MOPS thing. It's a Mom's group that gets together once a month at a local church, I'm what's called a MOPPET.
We are basically a Baby Sitter for the kids... as you can see from the first few sentences ''the moms need to take time to refresh themselves'' and '' because of Me us they can truly relax....really people?? refresh yourself & relax....I'm good with that but it's another one of those things that boggle my mind about parenting these days.
Now don't take all this the wrong way [but if you do get over it] I went to work to ''refresh'' myself and to ''relax'' from the parenting house wasn't cleaned every day because I appreciated my child {I'm positive they do as well}when I finished with my day/week at Work I spent my time with her...of  course I had parents that wanted to come and whisk her off for the weekend...and I let them sometimes, but she was baby girl, my daughter who from the minute she took her first breath I became a whole other person....a Mom.
So Much for the bandwagon...
I now have grandkids who are old enough to make me a 'Great' I want that? I can wait, when and IF it happens I'll do you best I can at being the meantime what little ITCH there is at wanting another baby to hold and cuddle, to play on slides & swings, to play tea with or trains & trucks or cars I'll just be a MOPPET.
 Last year I was with 3-4 yr olds they were for the most part OK to watch a little needy but all in all OK...This year I have 1-2yr olds...OMG....I question my sanity sometimes...but will never question being a friend and helping where I can when I can.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

You just can't fight genetics.

Here I am Again!!

August seems like it's Flying by.....I've had soooo Much going on the last few weeks with the MR's health, then my MIL, and again with the BIL (shhh don't really care about his crap).

Lets start with the MR....he's had a few issues before we became MR & MRS with the Ticker (2009) at which time I almost lost him...he ended up with a stint being put in the Widow Maker Artery. He was very lucky he didn't die during that time. A LOT of PT, time off work meds, revamped and finally he recouped. Though there were lifestyle changes done and he did improve You just can't fight genetics.
Now again it's reared it's ugly head yet again....he had been having heartburn, acid reflux, etc.....after consulting with 'Web MD' [I hate that site] he continued to eat Tums/Rolaids like they were candy until Yep pains in his chest & arm sent him to the ER from work on Friday....

After everything was said and done at the they couldn't find anything heart related for his chest & arm pain, but suspected it was his gall bladder that was giving him problems so we went on home. He went to work the next day [Saturday] had a couple more 'mini' attacks but since he was told it wasn't heart related he continued on...But Then Sunday morning was a Whole Other Story...he felt like crap, had some discomfort in his chest and just lousy feeling. We went to his family Dr on Monday....he informed us the Gall Bladder NEVER causes pain in your arm. He did order a gall bladder & Upper GI test and also managed to get us a heart Dr appointment the very next day..Thank You Jesus!!
Well the heart Dr really hated being second he orders another stress test (the MR just had one in March)....

So within a 2wk time period (as in 14 days) here's a re-cap in a nutshell:
     3 Doc's = 1 ER, 1 family & 1 Heart
     1 ER visit
     2 Dr's appointments
     4 medical tests = 1 GallBladder, 1 Upper GI, 1 Stress Test, + Blood Work
     1 Heart Cath
     2 Stints in the Widow Maker Artery!!!

Physical Therapy and some much needed time off is the current future plan....

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tuesday Tangent!

Routine.....a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.
Habit......a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.
Why can I not seem to get into one of these with my blogging....
I want to Blog, I really do......
I have stuff going through this thick head of mine, And the worse part I have Many, MANY races with videos already for recaps in DRAFT!!!!
So Why??
More importantly What!!
What am I going to do about this blog.....
How about this....Start OVER!!
I will be starting ANEW, I will start with a list of New Action Words for myself.....I Will make it a Habit to get into a Blogging Routine, I Will organize my day/time to if nothing else pop in and say Hey There....How ya doing.... 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My Happy New Year!

Here we go with yet another New Year and I've spent it with the MR sick (as in still from Christmas) this makes 2 years in a row...and this year there's and Different Ball drop?? WTH? Yes there was a ball but it was dwarfed by the Huge Clock doing a countdown...You can check it out here ok so this is a change I wasn't expecting oh well I just gotta let it go, gave the MR some meds, tuck him in and pop the Bubbly..(being the BAD Blogger I forgot to take a Pic).....that's right it's New Years and I still celebrated even if it's just me on the couch watching a pitiful looking dwarfed ball drop, Awww MIDNIGHT!! I call all my kids, grand kids & the Papaw wish them Happy New Year. Time to move on to a New Year, New Month, New Day...I GOT THIS!!

Today was spent with my runner daughter and some friends at a Brand New Race opportunity in Historic Midway Ky. What a turn out it was...compared to the Resolution 5Mile Run yesterday this is Amazing..300+ runners & walkers attended the Frozen Rails 5K.

And of all things we had a train come through Just Before The Race...good omen?? for the New Year?? I say Yes! My new friend Laura Coombs was there and got everyone ready with some warm up exercises then it was 5K time....I videoed the race start due to---again 300+ Runners/ can find finish line photos here, here, and here.  All in all it was a Great Day the start of a New Year.
More to come stay tuned,
A Runner's Mom & More

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Year, New Month, New Day = NEW ME!!

Tap, Tap, Tap.....anybody out there?? Here I go again, starting over isn't hard to do its the keeping on that I struggle with. No MORE!! I've got to get better at ME!  My word for the 2017 New Year is this
I've had a lot of stuff going on in 2016 and plan on more stuff (constructive) in this brand New Year. There are so many blogs and self-help site designed for improving ones self, but guess what
               "I" know what I want to do,
                  "I" know how to do it,
                      "I" just need to GET WITH "IT"!

First things first, I ended 2016 with of course a race with the Young'un...the Resolution 5K typically is on Jan 1st but this year the Timers (3WR) changed it up and did the race on the EVE of the New Year. We got to the venue/race hotel and was quite surprised there really wasn't much of a crowd, Hmmm this typically is a Big race event as it starts the Race Running Season...and I'm wondering where are all the runners?? 'Cause you know runners run Regardless of the weather!!
From previous events with the Timers I again reached out for the possibility of doing their race photography......well after several weeks of NO response I ended up signing the Kid so she could keep her streak going as this is her 5th year (I think) running it. Though I had fully intended on taking pictures of the runners when we were getting ready to head for the Start line one of the timers 'informed' me to just send a Link when I have the pics loaded and they would post them.  Yea well with that remark I'm thinking if the pics aren't worth the entry price for the kid, your probably not going to get any, as it was so cold with wind blowing that was EXACTLY what happened.. ..I waited for 'my' runner kids to start and then went inside where oh yes it was warmer & toastier. I walked the hotel taking pics of the various decorations and made it back out side just in time to see my Baby coming up the hill to the start line. Snapped a couple of pics waited for her to come to me, shooed her on into the hotel and I waited for my other runners to finish then I went back in where it was warm...
138 Runners competed in a race that past history had 300+, Champagne Flutes to all the finishers Mimosas for those over 21 and awards were 3WR planners...don't was something.
Happy New Year! Here's to a New Month starting tomorrow, a New Day and to a New ME!
A Runners Mom & More
          Run Safe Wishes!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's only Monday

So first lets talk about night shift--12 hr night shift. 7a-7p the hrs that the MR is working for the next few weeks. For me this means that I need to try and be quiet as much as possible so he can get some sleep, and it also means I'm not able to do my normal daily cleaning chores which means I either do them 'After' he leaves for work 'Which' is when I'm getting my gym time in 'Which' means not a whole lot is going to get done!! This old Lady is tired after 60-90 min of Abs, KettlebellAMPD, Zumba and tonight we started doing Arms class.
Guess What, none of this matters to anyone but Me!
I'll get to everything on his days off and start all over again next week. sigh!
Starting my day off with Coffee & Conversation with the MR is Priority for me, I listen to him gripe, comment, complain about everything that's going on at the workplace (I'm retired from there) send him to bed and most of the time I just FB'ed or do laundry downstairs. Today however instead of FB I went for walk, it was suppose to be just a short walk, yea well 4MILES LATER I get back home. Oh well at least I got my steps in Right !?!
My Mind tends to get busier & busier then stuff like this happens;
More stuff that I talked about in the video
 yet to come!
My weather this week looks like this--hoping for some of the same in Va Beach, Va leaving Friday (maybe Thurs) Bobbie, Mindy & Starr has a Half Marathon and I'm doing the 1Miler on Saturday WooHoo!
A Runners Mom & More

Monday, August 29, 2016

Busy Life Busy Wife!

I upped my steps on FitBit (11,000 daily, umm why?) walking every day will be a must, my plan is to increase by 500 steps every month or so,
went to the gym 3X last week and will do that this week as well,
 Picture Lady TShirts for the Get Moving Challenge starting on 9/10 delivered last week,
race meetings RunBrickHouse & Bourbon Chase done & done,
partnered with a new Race Timing Group (I Am Pumped about this can't wait to share more),
volunteered at 'Lil Cherub Sale' last week and have my volunteer spot finalized for Ky History Half next month,
 met with a local business will be donating a prize when we have November Plank Challenge,
started cooking & meal planning for the hubs while I'm gone this weekend (Va Beach Half with the Runner Daughter(s),
managed 1 blog post last week (something I really need to be more diligent about) hence why This one is getting done,
not counting all the daily chore stuff.......
Whew I Have been Busy!   
A Runners Mom & More       

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Reflection Graditude

Reflecting on my day,
I woke up to the smell of coffee as I do most mornings
that the Hubby has made (he turns it on for me),
a good Morning Kiss and that 1st sip of coffee
while our cat waits patiently on his stool ready to be fed,
our Canine Kid following me around waiting on her daily vitamins,
texting the daughter making sure she knows I Love her more than life,
usual daily chores started,
emailing about races coming up,
taking a 3mile walk break and seeing friends along the way,
having a successful meeting to get prize for up-coming challenge,
race meeting in Stanford,
praying Thank you God for giving me a chance to make up all my past wrong doings,
for helping me to realize it's up to me to follow your directions,
and to appreciate all there is in my life thus far.
                                                                     A runner's Mom & More

Monday, August 1, 2016

Do Over AGAIN with a MishMash Monday.........

What's Up......have you missed me??? Did ya even know I've been gone???????? Well let's see how I can do with a do over, starting with today. Life has been Great...Turbulent at times but still Great. Lets start the ole' blog with my ''Wanna Do List''
  • get the bed changed and sheets washed and hung on the line
  • get the floors swept haven't done this in couple days (the pet hair is CRAZY)
  • work on Menu Plan
  • Start Christmas list
  • work in the flower beds and yard (didn't I just weed?)
  • strip the garden (different plan for next year, sorry MR you're not included)
  • Go to the Gym later
  • update & check FB Groups
  • start working on Blog post list

Todays playlist:
           Dwight Yoakum
           Five Finger Death Punch
           Luke Bryan
Hope your day is fulfilling!
a runners mom & more!!