Monday, July 22, 2019

Just another Manic----Life ! #GoMe

Lot's have happened during the last few weeks...and when I say lots I mean L~O~T~S!

     Right after my last post was the Expo for Horse Capital Half/Full Marathon at Fasig friend Starr and I had been working on getting vendors for it during the past year. It was a lot of work but so worth having new connections and providing options for the runners to purchase local made merchandise. Even with all the challenges of putting it on I learned so much regarding branding/promoting from the various vendors. #GoMe
The goal for next year is of course to have it Bigger and Better..plans all ready in the works. #GoUs

     A Runner's Mom (aka This Girl) got her spot on the local radio WHIR1230AM (Tuesday mornings at 8:15) ...#GoMe !!
I'm beyond excited to be able to get information out to anyone/everyone that listens regarding races I'm involved in, which has actually opened a few more opportunities for me doing race photography.  

     I competed in the She Power 5K while my daughter and her friends ran the Half Marathon and PR'd !! #GoMe  It was the first time walk/running in the rain which may have had some factor in the said PR..
I helped a friend out with photography for her first Women's retreat during their 4mile race at Rising Sons Winery, again So Much Fun! Then competed again for Christmas in July 5K in Indianapolis no PR but still just under 45minutes, #GoMe

     My ''The Picture Lady Photography'' schedule has been full since my last post as well 12 races reported on A Runner's Mom radio talk show - with most weekends coming up booked along with a couple I'm going to do while my runner daughter and her BRF's (best running friends) do their thing.

     I [we] bought a different vehicle.. a Ford EcoSport her name is Ethel, something I really had not planned on but with all the traveling I will be doing helping with races and finding out everything that was going wrong with the Taurus I'm glad we did. We ended up with a Great vehicle along with a Fantastic Deal...I am one of Those People, an amount was planned for car payment and it happened with 15$ to spare. Another #GoMe 

     A unexpected expense was the washer not doing it's thing correctly....[because it was part of a  appliance 'Lowes Package Deal ' back before we got married] the washer was a bit Fancy, electronic timing start/stop wash settings and thinking it would last for my lifetime duration but alas It. Did. Not. I refused to buy another 'Fancy' washer like the Mr wanted to do, we went to a local scratch & dent store and guess what their machines come from Lowes! Go Figure...bought the same brand for a third of what the other one was, it's Bigger and is simple to start/stop/wash...#GoMe

    The Mr goes on Medicare/Medicaid soon so on the hunt for reasonable medical insurance on me for the next few months (I qualify next April), it is Ridiculous ! Wish me Luck!

     Now it's a matter of planning/organizing/scheduling my time, work on re-budgeting money [putting extra $$ to Ethel's payment], looking ahead for what's yet to come for this Fall & Winter. I have several goals & Plans to do yet this year luckily as a #retirednotexpired person I can work on them at my own pace or Not. In the meantime gonna try and link up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday.  

The Weather...
     Finally a bit cooler but with Rain in the Forecast, Last week had so HIGH Temps it was almost unbearable!

What I'm reading...
     Finishing up
Then going back too ..... it's normal to read multiple books at a time ...Right??

TV Shows this week...
     I have a few movies DVR'd,
     anything RH,

Menu Plan...
     Grilled Chicken Breast will add some kind of side
     Taco Salad
     Grilled Salmon & salad
     Mixed Greens Salad with lots of added Yummies..yellow bell pepper, shredded carrots, tomato's from the garden, sugar snap peas, black beans,
     Frozen bagged meal [there a few to choose from in the freezer]

This Week To Do/Goal List...
      Finish this post....
     fine tune A Runner's Mom radio show list
     finish #IMOMSOHARD book,
     work on August Budget,
     plan and pre-post FB for Run for the Ribs 5K I'm organizing,
     inventory pantries & freezer,
     get a least 3 walks this week,
     attend Team Beef meeting with the daughter,
Project this Week...
     Re-organize basement,
     add other portable closet for work out gear,
     deliver collected shoes for Sole4Souls shoe drive [day trip with the Mr]
     deep clean Dining Room
Todays Motivation...


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I'm Baaack!

There's lots to get done today but first I want to fill you in on Monday night...

A while back my Friend~maily [friends that are family]  son wanted to know if we would come to his end of school play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There was no question as to if we were going a most definite Yes. So here we are me and my Lil 'Oompa Loompa'

Tuesday's happenings...
The other most important thing was getting to be with my Grand-Son and witnessing him do the Pledge of Allegiance for Fiscal Court, then becoming an Honorary Boyle County Magistrate.

Though Baron and his parents are not Blood related to me, I still consider them my family. All this came about 'cause my Mom was his sitter from the time he was 6 weeks old until he started school. {Baron' dad also went to school with my SIL.} He's a very Bright young man and will do amazing things with his life...and somehow has become interested in the political world, not sure how all that came about but that's OK.

After Fiscal Court I came home and meal prepped a Chicken to bake while the Hub's and I went to visit a friend in the hospital...we've known Tugg [nickname of course] for 25+ years and had been in ER's-and 3 different hospital's before finally getting to Baptist Health at Lexington over the past 3 1/2 weeks. Tugg worked for the Hub's for a while doing all sorts of jobs before getting promoted to trimmer tech and though Hub's is retired they still stay in contact with each other. Luckily he is doing so much better and has finally got the tubes removed and is eating soft foods for now.

Once we were back home we trans-planted one of my potted bushes off the breezeway in one of the flower beds around the yard....and just piddled around before I finished dinner.

On the agenda for today is mowing the yard, mess around in flower beds, some simple house cleaning, Bible Study at noon, then we're going to get vegetable plants for the raised beds. Not to much though... tomatoes and maybe a pepper plant. I still have a bunch of stuff in the freezer from last year.

I  need to work on meal plan for the Hub's, I'm going to be busy with Horse Capital Half/Full Marathon Expo stuff  Thursday & Friday and the Race is Saturday. Of course I'm going to let him have his choice but only from what I have in the freezer or pantry this is another #noextragroceryspendweek

That's it for me...the Hub's is gone to his Board of Directors meeting and I ready to shower and relax...Leftovers on the menu tonight !

Hugs, Kisses, Be Safe Wishes 😘

Monday, May 13, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - 5/13/19

Well so here goes it...I'm gonna get this post done and try and join in with all the Ladies at 

As a way to keep the momentum rolling I'm going to commit to at the very least joining the Happy Homemaker Monday group...I hope you all will join me.
Nothing exciting to report regarding Mother's Day...The Kid texted me and several of my Runner Kids either texted or messaged me. The Hub's got me a card from the Boy's LOL [ we have Spoiled Cats ]...we planned on visiting our friend Tugg as he's been a Very Sick Man., Luckily he improved enough and was moved out of ICU and into a regular room.

The Weather...
     It's cooled down a Lot! 55* and cloudy. I'm determined to Not turn the Heat back on!
What I'm reading...
     Girl Wash Your Face - just started this one but also have 'Friend Request' by Laura Marshall that I'm reading 

TV Shows this week...
     I have several series shows DVR'd that the Hub's and I need to catch up on,
     Killing Eve,
     Into the Badlands...Ummm I detect a pattern !?!  

Menu Plan...
     I really need to re-inventory Freezer & Pantry but with the cooler weather
     Veggie Soup,
     I have a Chicken to bake tomorrow
     Leftovers [ ie Chicken ]
     Going out tonight for Mexican after the 'Proxy Nephew' show at school

Goal List...
     Walk 2miles at least 2X this week
     FB post for the Ruby's Ramblers Get Moving group
     Update race calendar
     Schedule bill pymts
     Go to bank and set up savings acct for Step-Dad

Project this Week...
     Finalize layout for Horse Capital Half/Full Marathon expo
     Work on Run for the Ribs 5K sponsorship letter
Todays Motivation...

  ** O~M~G as I've been working on this post I've just been contacted about having race pictures in the Danville Living magazine and I will begin doing short { along the Rail } articles for the local newspaper starting ASAP!! ** WooHooo! 


Friday, May 10, 2019

*tap tap tap* hello- is this thing still on?

Hello again, blog world!

Wow---I had no intention of stepping away for 6 MONTHS....SIX !! Time flies when your having Fun??  Yea well this procrastination thing really needs to stop...this isn't me...I don't back burner other areas so Why is it so hard for me to do this blog thing??
I tell myself A~L~L the T~I~M~E to put it on my weekly goal list but do I get to it....??...quite obviously No. 
What's changed, why do I think I just might be able to finally keep up with a post or more weekly? One change is I'm the Proud owner of a Brand Spanking NEW LapTop...thanks to the Hub's. Yep I'm truly one lucky gal. And he paid for my share of the hotel during flying Pig weekend.
My 'old' laptop was exactly that old, and a refurbished laptop to boot [nothing wrong with that] 'cause at the time that was all I could afford.
After Christmas I re-evaluated $$monies$$, set a stricter budget, started monthly meal plans with what ever I had on hand [#freezerfood #pantryfood]  #noextragroceryspend became daily IG/FB posts and any extra that I saved went in the #laptop fund. Then last week the inevitable happen...I had done all I could on the tablet I have and really needed to work on the computer. That lasted all of 5min then **Big**Blank** in click you are done! waiting a couple minutes to attempt a reboot was quite the joke, I.Wanted.To.Cry! With about 400$ away from my goal of saving to pay cash for a 'new' laptop computer I told the Hub's I'm just going to go ahead and go shopping. I wanted to have a dependable working computer. I had things to get done...I had Blogging on my Goals here I sit, doing a Very Long Over Due Blog Post.

No More Excuses...the Hub's retired {thank goodness}
                                lots of politics during 2018__LOTS__
                                the races
                                rescued a kitten from Walmart parking lot
                                the Election is over {we lost}
                                Thanksgiving came & went {I didn't cook}
                                the races
                                Christmas Happened {got both G'daughters over at same time}
                                New Year's {we went out FINALLY}
                                did I mention Races I signed up for
                                I got my Sports By-Line Back #GoMe
                                I turned 64...SIX FOUR
So Cheers to me,
                          Cheers to my Hub's,
                                                         Cheers to being able to finish this Long Over Due Blog Post !

Sunday, November 25, 2018

***** My ''R's'' *****

What I thought I could do, didn't here's to yet another New Beginning, another fresh start, or getting my Crap together once and for all!
Here is my "R" list...key words I will be using AND doing daily, weekly, monthly until they all sink in. I've got a LOT to catch up, a LOT to share, and a LOT of  "R's" to do.
     to go back or come back again                                     
     to change the emphasis or direction of                                                                   
     to make extensive changes in
     to regain energy
     to organize again
     to think quietly and calmly                                     
     to bring back to normal position or condition                                     
     to make extensive changes
     to be prepared mentally or physically for some experience or action                                     
     to refresh, making a new start or creating a new version                                                                   
     to rest or seek recreation                                     
     a regular course of action and training                                     
     to change the makeup, organization, or pattern of                                                   
    to make a new, amended, improved
     to feel joy or great delight                                     
     to free from confinement, danger, or evil

a Runners Mom and More

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Starr is Born~Literally~HappyBirthday Starr!

As Promised working my way to update the blog with races ...but first I want to Show Case one of my Runner "Kids" Starr Gantz...
*****But first here's some important info on my ShowCase Runner*****
Starr retired after 42 years, having worked in Adolescent Medicine in Pediatrics and Young Parents Program in OB Clinic as a Registered Dietitian at UK. One door closed, and another one opened, she decided to become a Team leader for the March of Dimes/ March for Babies, and strongly believes in their programs to prevent preterm deliveries and that they are making a difference. March of Dimes provided research funding not only for the polio vaccine, but many more for babies.
This year her Step Challenge raised $1200! Friends and family donated to the March for Babies and then attempted to outstep her for a week. There were only 3 that did, Marcus, Tommy, and Mindy. Fifty eight people participated, and everyone received a prize.Last year she raised $1800. I agree with Starr, babies are our future and deserve a fighting chance.
Meeting Starr was by chance after a race that the Kid was doing in Lexington...this is where we have met Many of my Runner Kids....About 6 years ago, Starr decided that after walking 10,000 steps per day for years she decided she could get her exercise done faster by running. It was a disaster. Which led to her having to use an inhaler after only running past 3 houses along her street. Starr like all runners I've met didn't give up, and kept adding more distance to her attempts. She eventually found a trainer, Larry Jackson at Synergy Inc. Through her training she was able to build her strength and endurance. Her mileage now can average from 10-30 miles per week depending on what she is training for. Quoted from Starr "Running is something you do for yourself, not for anyone else". "And yes, I do run for the bling!" and Oh the Bling they all have acquired....
She enjoys  running by myself or with friends. Along with the friendships (shout out to the Flamingos {there are Four Original Flamingos} and Weekend Runaways) made through Running, traveling, and so many fun experiences is really what Running is all about. I've witnessed not just her but most of the runners like running all the various distances, and though she 'says' come June this is really going to be her last marathon referring to the first in Kentucky Women's only Filly Half-Marathon.
She joined Bluegrass Runners because of wanting to be part of putting on the Thoroughbred Classic on Thanksgiving, as it was great way to give back to the community.
Those of us that Know and Love Starr also know her love of Chocolate!! Last year the kids competed in 3 Hot Chocolate races. It was fitting then for her to become a HotChocolate Ambassador....a Perfect Fit indeed.  As Ambassador she shares her 'code' for those that want to also enjoy in the fun and of course CHOCOLATE! So those who want to do a destination race to Nashville use code NASHSTARR19 for extra swag in your bag.
Starr turned 65 this year and OMG is More out of Control than ever's the hormone patch
so it was fitting to have a Race Birthday party Flamingo Style...
She IS one of the original Flamingo's More on that later.
During this years Quarter Horse Relay at White Hall in Richmond the Kid and her buddies put on a Lavish "tent" flamingo style surprise Birthday party before, during, after the about pink galore, I'm not as fond of the color but have learned to go with it as I too am part of the original Flamingo's. There were flamingo blow ups, cut-outs, banner, water bottles, thermos containers, lawn deco,


as well as a Flamingos cupcake Cake from Sweets by Cindy (she did amazing as always)..
The Race itself was The Most Miserable I've been too EVER!! Rain, Sleet, Snow, Snow with Sleet, Cold, Wind you name it [only in Kentucky]....the Worst! But it was Birthday Girl weekend and the kids pulled through to make it a day Starr would remember...
Starr & Bobbie aka the 'Kid'
 Maggie Tibbles & the Kid
the Kid & Lori MacGregor
Starr & Lori
The next day, March 25th, after going through Cold, Rain, Sleet & Snow...she did her 'official Kick-off' Birthday Walk of .65 miles in her neighborhood which by the Grace of God is was Sunny and only slightly cool {again crazy Ky weather} the Kid and I went to help celebrate and get some steps in...she mapped out a course through her neighborhood, had a water stop, and also had a Beer, Wine, snack stop before finishing at her home where you won prizes for completing the walk A~N~D more food!
So Here's to you my Starr, and one of my Star performers...I will see you at many more races to come as well as share many more hotel rooms during the Weekend RunCations!
Hugs, Kisses, Run Safe Wishes!
a Runners Mom & More


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

It's my party and I have NEWS to Share!!!

Well Hello again....It's me the long lost wayward Blogger. After a few difficult months things are looking up Finally!!
I recently had another Birthday and I'm proud to say I made it to Life Level #63....
yes folks this chick made it to 63 and love it.
The space I will be occupying in the paper will be show casing a 'Featured' Road Athlete, I will be playing catch up with several races I've been involved with so far this year, but, as the Blog Title states I'm MORE than a runner's Mom. I hope you take time to enjoy some of my endeavors as I continue to go through this thing called my Life.
To start off let me tell ya a bit about me...I'm the oldest child, have 1 brother who still lives in Indiana {yep Hoosier by Birth--Bluegrass Babe by choice} Type "A" personality that has got me into trouble more times than not...'cause unless you Really don't want to know don't may not like my answer. I'm named after my GrandMa Ruby and I feel like I get a lot of my heathen traits from that side of my family. I'm now married to my 3rd hubby{and Last}, there will be more on him later, I retired from my 'For Real' job 2years ago encouraged by the Hubby {he Loves me}, I have 1 daughter who thank the Good Lord is not exactly like me but can be if need be {you will see/hear more on her later} she has 2 daughters and has been with the same man for 27 yrs now....more on him later too.
Both of my parents are deceased, but I have my Step-Father still here in Ky and grateful for his love to all of us.
Since my retirement, again I'm MORE than a Runner's Mom..I've managed to keep busy with a number of things, as a Walker I do several 'virtual' 5K races during the year {this year I'm doing 1 a month}, I'm partnered with Lexington based RaceRise Timing group doing race photography as well and help plan several Lexington/Louisville races  (my Runner Daughter is a Ambassador for them) we also travel to different locations for races, member of Lexington Ave Baptist Church, I have a fairly sizable group for the Get Moving challenge and have set up WednesdayWalks for those that want to attend (there's also prize drawings from me), I'm a active volunteer for GABBF, Boyle Co Trails Alliance, on the Board of Directors for Dash for Danielle, planning committee for Brass Band 5K, MOPS volunteer when in session as this takes care of my Grand Baby fix since mine are grown, I help organize the local WildernessTrace Run/Walk series, the Campaign GURU (as in 'I do it all') for my husband Steve who is running for 5th District Magistrate, I'm Ambassador for SOXYFEET - BondiBand - and just recently accepted as a Just Strong Ambassador, do to getting the yard in shape after the LONGEST Winter weather I can remember I haven't gone to the gym this week but will resume my KettleBell, RIPPED, and Zumba classes.
So here I am 'A Runner's Mom and More'....I will submit to my Sports Editor and he can decide if I get published or not I already know and understand local sports will come first {as it should} and we'll go from there... my first Road Athlete is not only a star to me but her name is Starr as well!

Stay Tuned there's more to come!

Hugs, Kisses, Run Safe Wishes!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Flamingo5K 1MileWalk ~ Nicholasville, Ky

Starr one of the Original Flamingo's getting Massaged.
The 'Kid' and rest of the Flamingo Crew trying to stay warm before the race.
Isn't it Fantastic to witness the 'Big Check' and you see it right...$$10,000$$
As a small {very small} partner with Team RaceRise I get to have medals to add to my collection, fact is though I will do a 5K virtually--Love the Partnership Perks

Race Start Video...Rain & Oh SO COLD!!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

MOPS Mommaw ~ OCD at it finest

And a Long Day so far...
Coffee & vitamins before heading out to MOPS....the MR headed for his monthly PT session, come March 1st  PT will be with me at the gym...Jus'Sayin!
Yep I'm a MOPPETT which translates into I'm a Babysitter for 1-2 yr olds while their Momma's have a meeting/get together...I started this last year helping out when my friend and fellow church member Amanda reached out to the congregation asking for anyone who could spare a couple hours once a month. Who doesn't have 2 hours ONCE a MONTH to help??
so here I am with a Room full of little people...Girls & Boys that I can get down on the floor to play with, and just be silly....also it gives me my 'Mommaw' fix since my grandkids are grown and don't want to be around as much have responsibilities of their own.
Two of the kids I'm partial to as I know the parents,
Tara just wasn't sure what to think of the others kids running around.
Elam trying to smile and get a sip at the same time.
After MOPS it was home for lunch and wait for the delivery of the new treadmill....[yet another post too come]
What's the first thing I see ??
Oh LORT...I Can't Even !! Here we go, the MR is off telling what else. 
I go in to change clothes and find the bed in dis-Array and not from the Fur Babies...ASS has sat on the bed !  Nope, NOpe, NOPE! Once I make the bed unless it's TIME to go to bed, don't get on it - Sorry NOT Sorry...I can't even !! {maybe I should go back to Threapy again?}
See that wrinkle where Ass has sat down, [if this doesn't bother you just Stop now and come back tomorrow]....OCD overload...I Can't Even !
Get it straightened back up head for the bathroom then this.......
I know...I know!   OCD OVERLOAD!
Finally Lunch..
Something simple Pita Pocket filled with lettuce, sliced up Ham, & shredded cheese..once I have it all in the pocket I put dressing on top and take a fork to mix it a olives and a few tortilla chips while I read the morning paper...
I checked the menus I planned and decided on Manwich tonight, again something I've made extra of and froze in portion sizes...this will go great with the rest of the Sweet potato leftover, add in a side salad, Yummy for my Tummy and everything is ready to go when I get back from the gym and before my meeting tonight...Planning/Organizing/Follow through for the WIN!!
Then of course - Again?? CRAP  !
Oh well that's it for now, Off to change for Zumba with Mavis tonight -- that will make 4 times going to the gym...#IGotThis  #HappyFitYear
Anyone else have Quirks or are OCD ??
How's your planning going or, are you ??
Anyone out there have Grand Kids ??
Hugs,Kisses RunWalk Safe Wishes
A Runner's Mom & More.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday Woe ~ Gym for the Win ~ Non Sponsored Post

That for real was me this morning...even with getting the alarm set right I didn't get up when it went off~I can't even~....though I'm notorious for a snooze button once or twice..three's there for a reason am I right??
But in my defense I stayed up way to long last night partially because I wanted to catch up on some recorded show [RHO--anything] and a few others cause of the UK vs TN game was on...and because I got extremely pissed aggravated at the MR for not only Not eating my planned dinner but also the fact that he just could not stop with one of his bad habits, which ended up All Over the kitchen floor....did I not JUST mop it here I am getting a mop and rags to soak up the mess when there he stands with a Dust Mop? Please....just get out of my way cause this is a Laminate floor and I don't want it soaking through...UGH!!
then I'm sitting trying my best to relax when outside I hear not just a pitter patter of rain drops but the knocking of pelting rain drops...and it's colder...Great Just Great! Did I slam my car door?? Will it open ok in the morning? Shit..Crap so I get dressed put my boots on and go out to 'adjust' the car door so it won't freeze shut....sigh~I can't even....
So anyway waking up the morning my Best friends were COFFEE...and Sinus Meds cause My head is busting....from top, bottom, and both sides.....or maybe stress whatever it's got to go...
R.I.P.P.E.D. class for the Win!!
As soon as I worked on gym schedules I put together my clothes for this mornings class...I want to take a minute to talk about my SoxyFeet [FYI-this is NOT a paid post] I Love SoxyFeet socks, admittedly in the beginning wearing 2 different socks had my OCD bonkers but after wearing them and having my feet Happy, Happy, Happy it's all Good! Perfect for any activity as they help wick away moisture...If you're interested in trying them I'm an Ambassador --use SOXYRUBY for a discount when you check out!
Then there's SHEFIT sports bras.... If you have done this before...
I highly recommend a SHEFIT bra. For me personally I tried a number of sports bras from local stores, Sporting goods stores and such,,I NEED a bra that will keep the bounce to a minimum - preferably zero but lets be honest, unless your in binding there's always some bounce..SHEFIT has been a God send...there are hooks to help keep it secured while it's zipped & you get to adjust not only around but the shoulder Straps....the STRAPS people. As tight as you need for whatever activity your doing, or, loosen to a comfort level of your choice when your finished. I will however admit they are $$pricey$$ but so worth it...
Gobbler shirt thanks to my small partnership with RaceRise Timing, Love being able to help in my own small way taking pictures of the runners/walkers during events from 5K to Full Marathons they can do it many to choose from check them out here.
And of course with this mop of curly hair I Love my BondiBand headband...Wicking and it stays in place..
On my way home I passed MOTHER EARTH expelling Awesome to witness the powers she has..
Lunch today was another Smoothie, I had extra from Monday left over that I froze so just added another Banana, the rest of the leftover fruit, a little Almond Milk, and a little of GLUKOS protein powder, Just what I needed after the gym...
Go in to get showered before starting this post only to find this...
Muddy Paw prints...whichever Toddler cat did this Thank you so Much ...said no one ever!

 That's it from me today...Hugs, Kisses, Run/Walk Safe Wishes.

A Runners Mom & More