Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brand New Start!

Say What!!
Dang where did the last few months go???
There's so much to catch up on....
Wow! It's October already, and changes are happening. Not just with the leaves turning their vibrant colors, but with my life as well. In just a few short days I will become a 'Mrs' once again. Never had I thought this would happen and during this time of my life, Oh don't get me wrong, I'm still planning on sliding into my Sixty's [in less than 2yrs] at high speed, but with a partner, a 'Mr' !  
 Yep, Three More Days, October 4th @ 6:30pm I become a wife.
And just look at the pretty bling we have picked out!! H2B didn't even know what his looked like until a couple months ago, ''we'' had picked out a band for him that had 3 diamonds [to me they were small] and after a few weeks I went back to the store, talked to 'our' sales person, and explained that I really liked the band but truly wanted one that was more blingy, you know something that would be as nice as mine, lets face it people, mine is NICE! So Toni {oh yeah first name basis} did some research and found this beauty for the to be Mr.  My rings are not even a set. H2B bought the engagement ring and Toni finally found a wedding band that matched but of course I had to be [spoiled], different and had to have two of them. Lets face it though one looked lonely [small] beside the engagement ring.

Not only have I been slacking on the blog front, I've also been slacking on the fitness front. So along with today's post I'm coming back to blog land, dusted off the pedometer and doing a recheck of my overall well being.
There's also been a lot of running going on of which I've documented with pictures, but, also a new photography venue that I can't wait to share, until then..........
a runners mom ~ that's what I am!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

New beginning Again, And Again, and Again,

I know people I've said it before but really I've been B`U`S`Y!! 
And it's only this many more days before I'm no longer [gulp] in the single status.

Bear with me there's been so much going on,
and exciting news on the photo front,
can't wait to tell ya.
a runners mom~that's what I am.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Midsummer Night 5K

Bobbie and her hubby Gerard before the race.
I'm blessed to have him in the family.
Who else can find their kids
among 4,437 runners...
Yep that would be me!!

Gerard--all focused during the run,
he finished with a course time of 26:49
not to shabby for working all day then
running in the heat and humidity.

and of course my Baby!!  Go Bobbie!!
She had a course time of 29:27 not bad
considering she ran this AM in another 5K...
Bobbie - her first 5K of the day winning in her
age group with a time of 28:51.
Over view of the Midsummers night race course.
Triangle Park fountain, this is (maybe) 'about' a third of the way during the race. The kids and I decided a few years ago that this would be our meet up point after the race, with all the runners and families trying to find each other it's just more practical to meet here. And this is where I've met some Awesome people...but not like this couple below..Ivor and June.  
Originally from England but now living in Canada. Meet June and Ivor Lynch. They were in Lexington for a Cake decorating show/forum/event. June approached me as I was getting my game plan in my head ready for the start of the race and says 'you look like your with the press and know what's going on. Well I'm not 'with' the press but I'll try and help if I can...and so it began!! In the short time I was able to converse with them the more we knew about each other. If you have a chance check out their web site here.
As always it's been fun with each run and can't wait for the next adventure!!
a runners mom~~that's what I am!!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Jingle in July 5K

Of course we're starting out with my Girl #11--she said she wasn't feel'n it today, we'll see..

Darin Cundiff, brother of the 5K organizer,

Russell Woods

Kim Hamilton

Morgan Bottoms, he's just been running about a year now,

Michelle Gilbert

Ben Baker he and Karina are my newest runner kids.

Ricky Lane- glad he could make it today, he's had a lot on his plate the last few weeks,
-moving in a new house
-Hope53 Softball League
-Lineman Rodeo 

Our own AMNEWS Larry Vaught. I credit him with getting me my start with the photography. Larry was the first to publish one of my photos that I had taken of runners from a local race,  I've been contributing 5K pics to the paper ever since.

Todd Kirkpatrick

Sheri Satterly-she didn't run with Chapman (her son) today since it was rainy.

Kim Hulett

My Baby-- Bobbie Perkins check out her blog here.

Jenica Lizer- such a sweet girl,

Rachel Cundiff (married to Darin)

Becky Hundley-so quiet this one, I'll be working on that...

Bob Griffin

Karina Baker

My funny girl Evelyn Barker, there's always some kind of a costume at her races.


Karis Cundiff all I can say is she's such a Cutie! And motivated by the standards set by her parents Darin & Rachel, Karis has ran at several races I need to feature her more often.

Angela & Jason Todd - Jason is still recovering from an injury so he's been running at a much slower pace lately.

Melinda Wofford --we were kidding her about her bib being #10 so
I told her she was my perfect '10' runner kid!

Julie Harris her Hubby is below #129

Dwain Harris pushing not just 1 child but 2!!
I really need to work on a post about Dwain.

Vicki V

Lisa Mattingly

Sean Cundiff  race organizer extraordinaire!!

Guess she was feelin' it after all!!

My Runner Kids!!

This race benefited the Shop with a Cop program, can't wait to get my info back on this, I want to try and get photos of the kids doing their shopping.

a runners mom~that's what I am!!

Monday, July 29, 2013


     Well here we are folks, its really late:thirty, or early A.M. whichever you want to call it, all I know is I'm trying to get a plan for my week. But when this is day eight of working to make the paycheck (me likey the OT), and you've been doing the photography stuff (me Love doing this) it gets difficult to get things done and ready to roll. Normally I try and plan out meals for the H2B for the week this way he at least eats healthy at work and doesn't need to spend the outrageous prices in the cafeteria. But it looks like it will be freezer food this week, unless the MIL2B comes through with her leftovers. Just take a look at what I have to work with:
-downstairs freezer- it looks like there's a frozen organic pizza, sweet potato fries, shredded cabbage, a couple of frozen dinners, bag of onions (from the garden), there should be a couple bowls of chili somewhere, other bags of frozen store bought veggies, and blueberry pancakes..........

-fridge freezer- turkey sausage links, waffles, veggie burgers, fried green beans, mixed veggies, bag of white potatoes, blueberries and also a bag of mixed frozen fruit, and why is there a Kroger bag in the freezer?? I should have taken a pic of the fridge but it would show the empty shelves that H2B believes he will starve to death this week, LOL, silly man, there's 'freezer food'! 
     I see several options to choose from and different combinations that WILL happen with what is on hand.  On other more important happenings Jingle in July 5K was on Saturday and as always this runners mom was there taking pictures (can't wait to share them) and was even able to try out my ""New"" invention that kept me dry and my hands were free to handle the camera......I'm excited to share with everyone what the doodad looks like!!
     I'm still taking photos of the Hope53 softball league games four nights a week, this little project has helped me a lot with action shots, AND I'm known as the 'picture' lady by most of the players. How Cool Is That!!
There's also my new friend Amy;
she's all kinds of crazy and of course we have connected from the get go!!

a runners mom--that's what I am!!


Friday, July 26, 2013

~~ Friday's Food For Thought ~~

Start Slowly and use Common Sense
Adopt healthy habits you can stick with,
If you're beginning an exercise routine, Start Slowly.
Be Moderate....
Even in your moderation!

a runners mom~that's what I am!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

10K away and My New Runner Kids...

Having children is a blessing, and I'm truly blessed with not only my own daughter (+ 2 others), I'm blessed to have acquired so many 'runner kids'. The hobby of running that Bobbie choose to start doing in 2009 has helped provide us to not just being together but with a way of connecting more as Mother and Daughter. Talking about - well - everything, life, work, marriage, the sport, friends, family, money, kids you name it we've talked/laughed/defended/owned it. Little did I know that her sport would benefit me in having more and more kids in my life. Let me show you my newest adoptive 'runner kids':
Sherry Peavler 
Sherry started running early this year and if I went back through my folders I've most likely taken her picture at some point. I'm not sure how she and Bobbie know each other (other than running) but at the last race in Stanford she was included in the group photo. More about her in a later post.

Lisa Mattingly 
Lisa! O~M~G she is a MESS!! {in a good way}. Lisa approached me several races ago talking about seeing me at all the races and who was I with, you know info in general. She is so funny and has an energy about her that doesn't seem to end.  Lisa's partner-Bob- is in the picture below. Bob is the Yin to Lisa' Yang - or Yang to Yin what've, all I know is that they're cute together.


Bob Griffin 
The race was at RJ Corman and as always fun to be at. His facility and grounds are undoubting the best I've been to with the runners. They hosted a 5K as well and in the typical RJ Corman style everything went without a hitch. The runners knew where and how to go on the course and the after party again was typical RJ Corman, complete with Banana Ice Cream!! And yes even us non-runners were allowed in indulge. Check out my runner kids;
Back Row= Bob Griffin, Russell Woods, Jason Todd, Darin Cundiff
Middle Row= Lisa Mattingly, Sherry Peavler, Angela Todd, Rachel Cundiff
Front Row= Nitzi Stinnet, Kim Hamilton, and last but never least  My Baby~Bobbie Perkins 
This is part of the Bluegrass Runners Group.

 There will be more to report and I still want to touch based on more of the 'Not a Slacker' post you can read about it here!  Until later this chick is hitting the hay it's work day tomorrow!!

a runners mom~that's what I am!