Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sorry Honey it's not what you think..........

After 6weeks of night shift the Hubby is finally starting day shift (6wk rotation) Monday..Yay!  A somewhat normal routine will be a change as now I can get MY daily routine in order, when the Hubs does nights I try not to make noise and try to find more things to do outside, on day shift we do try and get out more so when the MR suggested we check out the new joint he seen downtown I was a little confused as to where he was talking about. I've been riding the bike around town and try to walk around and couldn't figure out where he was talking about.

I give you the 'New Joint'
well I can't tell you enough how tempted I was to
Laugh out loud! So instead I had to say well Dear that would be great but it's not what you think, they ''DO'' planks there. Actual on the floor horizontal  Planks along with other exercises.

 view of their Studio. Needless to say we're not this is what gets served at the bar....
I just don't see the MR drinking Anything Green.

How about you, what do you drink that's Green??

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