Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today's Tidbit

Our Worst Mistake Is
Underestimating Ourselves
Underestimating Life.

~Ariane De Bonvoisin~
author, The first 30 Days:
Your Guide to any Change

arunnersmom~~that's what I am!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Motivation

I Needed to go in to work today at 7am,
luckily I can adjust my hours because
I really Want the overtime...
Are you Happy?
Do you know the Difference?
arunnersmom~that's what I am!! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's no Big Deal!!

58 years old - That's me!!
Good Lord where has the time gone?
But more importantly what have I done?
I've managed to raise one fantastic daughter who surprised me by becoming a runner,
and is quite good at it,
She has been with her high school sweetheart for 21yrs and have blessed me with 2 grand-daughters,
I have 2 other 'daughters', SIL's and grand children that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world,
 I'm with the man of my dreams and will be married in October,
I've managed to lower financial debt from past divorce and have a small amount saved for a
what if day,
I was published this year and now can be considered a
'sport' photographer
(thank-you runner daughter),
I'm still at the job {36yrs} that my mother said I wouldn't last a week at because I was too spoiled,
I'm a cervical cancer survivor,
I'm working at becoming a Blogger!
arunnersmom~~that's what I am! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts about Moderation

You can look at your calorie count in the same way you might look at a Bank Account.

Every mouthful of food is a deposit and Every activity that requires energy is a withdrawl.

If we deposit more than we withdrawl, Our surplus grows Larger and Larger!
~~John Maxwell~~

arunnersmom~~that's what I am!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Motivation

Nothing else to say.....is there?
Whether it's your diet,
your exercise,
your finances,
your family,
your relationships.....

Get Excited!!
Make things happen...

arunnersmom~~that's what I am!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday!!

Linking up again with Shannon at www.lifeafteridew.com for the So What Wednesday!

so what if..........
  • I cut up all but two of my credit cards this year and I have those in my safe for 'just in case.....
  • I still owe $2900.00 on one of the credit cards that is locked up.....
  • I'm saving 5% of my net pay EVERY pay period with a goal of saving $1500.00 this year.....
  • my go to reward food is a Bavarian Creme Carmel Long John.....
  • I'm realizing my limitations as I age.....

arunnersmom~that's what I am!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

***** Monday Motivation *****

Definiteness of Purpose

" the man who knows exactly what he wants...has no difficulty in believing in his own ability to succeed. "
                                  ~Andrew Carnegie

arunnersmom~that's what I am!

Friday, April 5, 2013

~~Furry Friday~~

from the past winter
Meet Yella (yellow) Dawg! He had a twin brother that we named Tipper but we never could catch him in order to have him neutered. As Tipper grew up he started making his 'rounds' in the neighborhood and would miss his curfew...LOL, and not sure where Tipper has got to now.  Yella Dawg however is still here and doesn't drift very far away~actually none of them go very far from home. Yella Dawg isn't my most friendliest cat but will stay in the same area that your in just not close!
Hope you have enjoyed our fur babies so far, there are more to showcase!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Run the Bluegrass~Momawrazzi view

Rising early again on a Saturday morning doing a gear check of the camera equipment, this time including a blanket, book, lemon water and snack of homemade trail mix. It's 'Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon' day.  It's exciting for me since this is the first Half my SIL will be competing in. Unfortunately he hurt his knee last week during one of the training runs, but says that it's a lot better and is running anyway.
Most of the drive there was foggy, and still so foggy that they delayed the race 15 min since they run on Old Frankfort Pike road, safety first!  During the delay mayor Jim Gray of Lexington announced that there were 4000 runner/walkers registered for the race,
representing 43 states and 6 foreign countries....
how cool is that!!

The delay also worked out well for me so that I could find a good spot for pictures, I love,love,love the excitement of all the runners in anticipation of the race starting. I enjoy the way everyone interacts with each other sharing their concerns about the course, checking out who is in what corral, listening to the pep talks,
did I mention that there were 4000 runners!!

Of Course we need a group photo,

Kim competed in the 7 mile run...

Jason as always still with a smile on his face...

David, not so much fun for him...

David Baker on point with his focus...

Jeremy enjoying the cheer section...

Twila conquered the hills again this year...

My 'SIL' killer hills for his first Half...

Jeremy goes back to finish with his wife Crystal,
she has done so well getting back on her ...

David good form at the finish...

Ricky finishing strong...

Bobbie (my baby) in the pink with Kelli in the yellow,
they have been friends forever,

Carmen she is so awesome...

Rebekah one of Bobbie' friends from school,
this is her first BIG race since having her baby last year...
The races are always a fun time for me. I love being with the kids and talking to other people that are  followers of runners.
The camaraderie between the runners the friendships they develop will last them for a lifetime. 

arunnersmom~that what I am!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Run the Bluegrass~The Mom Post!

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon known as one of the prettiest half around (and one of the hilliest), this year there were 4000 runner/walkers from 43 states ~WOW~ and 6 foreign countries!
Remember when I found my own at the Shamrock shuffle, a measly 2000 or so runners? So what's 2000 extra. That's right this runner mom finds her own even in a crowd of 4000, I'm just awesome like that, LOL!! I do Love my Baby Girl and SIL~Gerard.
Bobbie in pink

Gerard getting ready to hand off his red jacket, told him he wouldn't need it...LOL
Here we are before the race,
Earlier this year he told me that he Loved me and liked me too. That probably doesn't sound like much to all of you but for this Mom it was the best thing he could have told me. You see I always knew he Loved me, (I Love him more). But I have this thing....I love a lot of people but some I truly Do Not like! This is a phrase that Bobbie has grown up with (and understands) as well as the grandkids, it makes since to us.
As I said with my first post Gerard hurt his knee during one of their training runs and even though he had taken it easy till race day it was still bothering him. This was his first half marathon so I'm explaining to him its an automatic PR, trying my best to convince him to not push yourself and risk injuring your knee....in one ear and out the other....He's soooo competitive! That didn't stop me from doing the mom worry.....dang kids!! I was so relieved when I seen those white gloves coming down towards the finish line, and so PROUD! That's not just my daughter's husband, not just my SIL and I truely Like him and Love him.
With my heart beating,
and a tear in my eye,
I'm the proud 'mom' to this Boy!
arunnersmom~that's what I am!


So What Wednesday...

Linking up again with Shannon at www.lifeafteridew.com for the So What Wednesday. Take the time and check out her blog, Shannon is soooo cute with her baby bump! Makes me want to beg my daughters for more grandchildren, yea right......4 is plenty.

So What If.....

  • my in-laws (1st set) still consider me family I didn't divorce them...
  • I'm a type "A" personality, so if you really don't want to know don't ask...
  • my engagement ring is insured for $6900.00+ and I'm worth it...
  • my cell phone is the same age as my grand-daughter Kaylan, (19yrs) and it's a Tracphone...
  • I was a very spoiled 'Daddy's' girl...and my mother hated it...
  • I can only do a 40 second plank...so far...

arunnersmom~that's what I am!

    Monday, April 1, 2013

    ***** Monday Motivation *****

    "Whatever the Mind
    can Conceive
    and Believe,
    The Mind can Achieve."
                                          ~Napoleon Hill
    arunnersmom~that what I am!