Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brand New Start!

Say What!!
Dang where did the last few months go???
There's so much to catch up on....
Wow! It's October already, and changes are happening. Not just with the leaves turning their vibrant colors, but with my life as well. In just a few short days I will become a 'Mrs' once again. Never had I thought this would happen and during this time of my life, Oh don't get me wrong, I'm still planning on sliding into my Sixty's [in less than 2yrs] at high speed, but with a partner, a 'Mr' !  
 Yep, Three More Days, October 4th @ 6:30pm I become a wife.
And just look at the pretty bling we have picked out!! H2B didn't even know what his looked like until a couple months ago, ''we'' had picked out a band for him that had 3 diamonds [to me they were small] and after a few weeks I went back to the store, talked to 'our' sales person, and explained that I really liked the band but truly wanted one that was more blingy, you know something that would be as nice as mine, lets face it people, mine is NICE! So Toni {oh yeah first name basis} did some research and found this beauty for the to be Mr.  My rings are not even a set. H2B bought the engagement ring and Toni finally found a wedding band that matched but of course I had to be [spoiled], different and had to have two of them. Lets face it though one looked lonely [small] beside the engagement ring.

Not only have I been slacking on the blog front, I've also been slacking on the fitness front. So along with today's post I'm coming back to blog land, dusted off the pedometer and doing a recheck of my overall well being.
There's also been a lot of running going on of which I've documented with pictures, but, also a new photography venue that I can't wait to share, until then..........
a runners mom ~ that's what I am!!