Thursday, January 28, 2016

Meatless Meal Days and the 'MR'

Breakfast this morning= scrambled eggs w/ a dab of Co-Jack cheese, Gala Apple, Almond milk w/Soy Protein powder (much needed after Kettlebell last night)

Lunch= Spag w/mushroom sauce, leftover Tortilla chips

Snacks during work if I want them= last of my English Cuc (burpless, Thank-you Jesus!), Strawberry/Bananna yorgurt, Gala Apple, left over Sesame stick & nut mix.
Tonight's Dinner= 1/2 baked potato w/tomato, pinch of co-jack cheese & sour cream, spoonful or coleslaw & cottage cheese, 1 1/2 C romaine mix w/poppy seed dressing (hope I never get drug tested this is about the only dressing I eat)and a few croutons.

I didn't have any exercise class tonight but did get some dusting done, my SIL is staying upstairs in "Motel Cline" so talked with her about the MIL/in-law stuff then turned on the TV and got this
Yep, Great JUST Great!! 'MR' is at work and it didn't matter what buttons I push, nothing is happening! What's a girl too do?? Text the 'MR' of Course, I'll admit it, I sure did. After Several texts with the last few getting a bit U~G~L~Y he came home on his break and reset me (yea right) the TV.
I mean come on people the WildCats are on tonight,
BTW we won 88 to 54--yes please and Thank You.

Shew,,,,Good Night people!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Re-Invention '101' Exercise

As I posted earlier, I'm going to do my best to keep up with the Zumba & Kettlebell classes at the gym and now that I'm D~O~N~E with the MIL/in-law stuff I can get back into a routine. Do I want to do more than these, Nope! I still have meetings going on with the Betweenathon, Race Wilderness Trace Series, FB for RWT, my Picture Lady stuff, and found out from the Kid we're in for Bourbon Chase 2016--WooHooo--so I's got plenty!!
Zumba last night though just about kick this OldLady' Butt!, even got up during the night to take a couple of these...

Work today was murder.., thank goodness for my friend and co-worker Betty, she was such a big help.  Tonight is Kettlebell and the instructor has already posted on FB about doing Burpee's tonight, W~T~F!! (sigh) so much to look forward too.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lordy Be!! Then it happened Again!!

Yep 11" of snow!

FurBaby Andi Girl not impressed!

But neither is the MR!

Ya know though, it could be a Lot Worse! We could have the freezing rain/cold, for now there's some wind but nothing we can't handle.  Admittedly I did something that I Never thought I would/could EVER do...I called in! 
Yep Me the it don't matter what the Governor says I-got-to-go-to-work was absent...and I Liked It!! I stayed home with the FurBabies and the MR, I played the Domestic Diva, making breakfast getting some laundry done, checked in with my kiddos making sure everyone was safe and sound, helped the MR with shoveling every couple hours (only a little bit) then relaxed with TV watching.

So knowing that my world doesn't come to a stand still if I don't go to work, I wonder what would it be like to finally Retire?? Thinking I may need to make another appointment with my financial group once all this weather business gets under control.

So how has it been with all you? Weather got you stuck at home?? How are you handling it??

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

So this Happened!!

Yep our first for real snow of the season! Now where ' I ' come from this 3inches is no biggie really, and it wasn't heavy or mixed with ice, but in Kentucky, would think it was 3 feet!!

Be Safe!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

M.oving O.n M.onday

I've got this!!

Again part of my Re-Invention will be getting in as many of my Zumba/Kettlebell classes as I can. I made healthy choices with my eating during the weekend and have started my work week on a healthy note too:
Breakfast= 1 1/2 pc of Turkey Bacon
                                Maple/Brn Sugar instant oatmeal

Lunch= 1 1/2 C. of Veggie Soup
                                                                  (I made it Sat in the crockpot Mmmmm Good!)
                              2 small Orange/Cranberry Muffins

Dinner= Cup'oSoup after Zumba
                                                               (the Mr is working and it's C~O~L~D outside)
                           1/2 C. Pineapple/Walnut fluff 

Snack options for the day/night= 8oz of Soy Protein mixed w/Almond Milk
                                  5 Slices of English Cucumber
                                                                (pricey but worth not having the Belcheeees)
                                        Small container of Tortilla Chips
                                                             (may only eat 1/2 bal will be for tomorrow)
                            2/3 C. of Cranberry Jello
                Small Gala Apple

Water all Day/Night--Zumba Tonight!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 Projects and a $$Budget$$

Since just before getting married I (we) try and do a list of projects. More recently projects haven't been as Major.  Mr and I came to an agreement that we would get the home place as ready as we could for when and If we are able to retire. In the past three years we had the whole House "Electrical" updated, re-painting/wall paper all the rooms (ex-wife colors O~U~T!), bought new kitchen appliances, laminate flooring  in the kitchen, new Large capacity washer & dryer, and purchased a Huge generator (we will not be stuck with out power like we had been during the ice/snow of 2009) did we stay on budget with everything? Almost, we only went over a few hundred dollars because I forgot to factor in a new dryer outlet & cord. Oh well not the end of the world.
Now for 2016 finally our list of projects are more of what I ''want'' instead of what we ''need''.

2016 Project list & estimated budget:
  • The downstairs bath will get overhauled & upstairs tub reglazed $750.00
  • Heating & Cooling for the upstairs $450.00
  • Roof Repair (stupid Leak) $1200.00 (only a guesstimate, need to still contact roofers)
  • Re-vamp landscaping $300.00 
  • Fridge for the Garage $200.00-$450.00
So there we are one NEED aka roof, the rest are Wants. Is it bad to already be thinking ahead for 2017 projects?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Re-Invention " 101 " Budgeting

Re-invention a word that seems a bit intimidating to some. For me it's going to be a 2016 New Improved Me process. There are so many things I really NEED to do, Things I'm planning on doing, the list could go on and on.
Going back to some of my old ways will happen this year, being more diligent with money/budget will be top on my list due to a major change going on in the company I work for.

Hopefully by the beginning of summer employees should know something good, bad or otherwise about what the company is going to do. Am I concerned?? Ummmm no, should I be?? Probably but guess what, they can't take my birthday. Rumors flying around about the split is there will be wage freezes &/or standardized wages by position, possibility setting a flat 2 week policy for all employed after 1year (this will take 3weeks of vaca time from me), price increase for insurance (yet again!!). So what to do?? Well I'm going to ride out the storm like I have in the past.

Monday, January 11, 2016

M.oving O.n M.onday

See what I did with the title?  arunnersmom M.oving O.n M.onday!!  And back on track = Zumba tonight and Kettlebell tomorrow night.  As Home Depot commercials say 'Lets do This!'

Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm A Runner's Mom~~Let's get Reacquainted!!

A runner's mom is coming back!!

I used "arunnersmom" before and (I) wasn't all that successful at the blogging thing, so, changed it to my ''part time'' business name.  Soooo That (me) didn't work out either,(sigh)!! I'm such a bad Blogger, in my defense there are only just so many hours in the day and I have all mine used before the day even gets started.

Hopefully things will get more open for me during 2016.

I will still keep as tight a schedule on my Zumba & Kettlebell classes as I can, Not to brag but I have lost a few pounds last year and have toned up substantialy. Three nights a week I'm Shakin' & Swingin, then there's Betweenathon/10K & Wilderness Trace Run/Walk/Bike race committee's I'm helping with, of course there's the runs my daughter competes in on Saturdays, oh, and the Foster Daughter has asked for help with advising/organizing a 5K so more meetings!! As I begin the new year I'm declaring my word for 2016..........