Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#16 catch up post-Pregancy Resource 5K

It's rare to have a pic taken of the two of us together at a race,
I always pin Bobbie' race bib it's one of our rituals,
the other is just before she goes to the start line
I give her 3 kisses on her right cheek,
 tell her 'good luck'
and to be 'Careful'  

Love the Mallard's at the park

Baylee' (grand-daughter) first stop today was to
cheer on her Mom before her band competion!

#184 Kelly, #310 Bobbie, David in blue

#318 Angela, Kelly in white, #197 Carmen, and #305 Kim

David Baker he's so funny, also married
to one of Bobbie' friends from school.

Here there are! Rebekah didn't run today, pregancy issues.

David &Kelly Grigson soooo cute together1

Angela &Jason Todd. Angela's my Diva Girl!

a runners mom-that's what I am!

Monday, February 25, 2013

#15 catch up post~5/19/12 McDowell Wellness 10K

catching up with each other waiting for the race to start,
laughing it up for now
we'll see who's laughing at the end of the race....
we're talking 10K people....
and it's already hot out!!!

Todd with Michael & Deanna

Jeff surrounded by women!

#424 my Baby! with Sarah in the orange.
Sarah wasn't able to finish the race due to foot/ankle issues.

Jennifer #342 & Deanna in white with sunglasses and headphones.

Bobbie & Todd mocking her thumbs up running!!

Kim at the finish! Nope not laughing,

Carmen Coleman, she almost missed the race, not laughing.

Jennifer finishing side cramp and all...definitely not laughing

Clay Jackson photographer for AMNEWS

Jason Todd~Angela wasn't with us today, (insert sad face here)

Woot Woot!! Baby Girl Placed in her age group.
       The 10K is popular among the runners and it's a chance for Bobbie to run the old neighborhood, though it does become dangerous with the traffic. There have been a couple near misses with the runners, Whew let the worrying begin!
a runners mom~that's what I am!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

#14 Catch up post~5/18/12 ProActive 5k Frankfort Trifecta #2

As always a HUGE crowd!
Celebrating in the streets is a must when doing races in Frankfort.

Grand-daughters Kaylan (R) and Baylee (L) came to help cheer on their Momma!

It was warm today for this race, she doesn't think she does very well in the Frankfort series....,

She Was Wrong! 
 HELLO Pretty Medal hanging on my daughters neck!
     There aren't many if any of my runner kids that participate in the Frankfort Trifecta Series so this post is all Bobbie, my "Only" born daughter, my Sweetie, my friend!
a runner mom~that's what I am...........

#13 catch up post~5-12-12 Jenny Carol 5K

Bobbie in Black with the pigtail thing going on!

Here's the 'fun and crazy' Kris!

my friend Bobbi Tyler from work

Bobbie' goal was to keep up with Kelly #008 

Ms Kim!

Kathi#455 a friend of Bobbie

my crazy runner kid Rhonda Andersonand her daughter

Larry Vaught sports guru with

Tripp Wilson#305-Twila & Scott Montgomery, this was Scott's first race!

Crystal & Jeremy Ellis, I love her look!
To me is says 'I Got This!'

Jennifer Larson!

Donna Kissick~ I met Donna several years ago line dancing!

Sandy Hogue (from work) her daughter Jessica Arth with Sydney!

Awards were hats this year, for the girls pink

Deanna, Emma and Michael Lee
traveled from Somerset to compete in this race.

Mark Morgan he's really a funny guy for a lawyer!

Some of my runner kids~My Love to all of them!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daunting Days! But I'm still a winner!

Life is stressful, well mine seems to be at times. I'm trying to fit it all in with little luck thus far, but, I'm making it through another day and will adjust to my time struggles. I know that I need to be willing to make decisions on what is the most important thing for me.
One important thing for me has been being able to attend my "grandsons" basketball games. My 'one and Only' male grand child and he's AWESOME! It makes me well up in tears every time he comes running to get hugs and kisses from me. I Just Love this kid!! He says he doesn't want to do basketball next year, but does want to play soccer and do Cross Country we'll see, you know how kids can be, either way if at all possible the Mommaw will be there.

My work life has become hectic to say the least, some weeks are 50+ hours some are only 37.5 hours. When I do get the OT it's several days in a row and can sometimes last consecutive weeks in a row. It's great to have a job in this economy and my extra hours are my fault, (I ask for them) so whats the answer? Broke or some extra moolah?

I have arranged my breaks in order to try and get my steps in during the day which has work to some degree but there's the whole sit down and take a break thing that's not happening and with my job being sorta physical it gets tiring. Missed several home work-outs this week (as in walking on the treadmill), my fault, wanted to spend the time with H2B while he was off.

My runner kids are in training mode and haven't done many races this year, 1 in January that I still need to post about which will be this week and another coming up next weekend.

In closing I want to share this quote I found in Success Magazine,
          "winners habitually face the work of the day with the purpose of discovering what can be done instead of worrying about what cannot be done"--Paul Meyer

a runners mom!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time~~Where Does It Go?

     The working full+ time and we're talking sometimes 60 hour weeks people, trying to walk 10,000 + steps a day (I have a quest to have walked enough steps to equal 2013 miles) and have a relationship is interfering with the Blogging thing, reading or doing my own.  It continues to be a struggle! How do others manage? What gets short changed?  Any and All suggestions are welcome!

Help Please!