Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's all good

Busy as always! But going to take some time to express myself. One of my runner "girls" has also started blogging and on her very first blog who does she mention? O M G ! Lil 'ole me..AND referred to as "Mama Ruby" ! I consider this another tremendous accomplishment. Why? Well as the biological mom to only one daughter I have always tried to be the mom that all the kids wanted to come too. (sometimes though its been a challenge) Along life's adventure I have acquired other daughters and God love 'em I would truly do anything I can for them, my love for them will always be as unconditional as with my own. Bobbie ran a few miles with Sheri before going on a short vacation trip with her family.
So that means I'm the keeper of the boys while they are gone. The boys are 2 Rotties - Brewser J & Zeus. I was all set on going tonight to feed and play with them but low and behold the kids are back - really short trip! So this means that Bobbie should be able to get some easy leg work in, and work on her blog as well... I will be checking on her status tomorrow, for now I will close as I need to get some leg work in myself (walking that is). Some of my girls and I at work are in a walk group and so far though we are not # 1 in the team status we're not last either. For now I will sign off here's hoping everyone has a great night and day tomorrow! For everyone else check out these blogs - "bobbie087.blogspot.com" & "sherirunningthroughlife.blogspot.com".

Its good to be MOM!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My 1st post

Here it is, another day of getting up early to do what you might ask? Well I'm a runners Mom!! My daughter started this 5K running thing last year after competing (she walked) in a local festival walk/run event. She along with co-workers completed the walk and for some unforeseen reason was taken in by those who ran ! Well alrighty then..but when she told me about her accomplishment of course being the Mom I am I told her "if I had known I would have been there!" As the late Paul Harvey would say "And the rest is history". There have been many races and rewards as well...With this being my fist blog I will go back to my pictorial records and attempt a historical saga of my runner daughter along with friends she has made and her accomplishments. I tell her though no matter what just for getting out there your a winner----but then of course as a biased bystander she will always be my winner!!