Monday, February 15, 2016

M.oving On M.onday

On vacation, Again!! Yet another week scheduled though there were a hundred things planned, POOF, just like that they're gone....out the door, window, space where ever all I know is they're gone, and of course it's cold outside Sigh. Oh well not the end of the world there's always tomorrow. But I realized after the thought slashing I gave myself there is in fact another tomorrow, another day, where probably most of us decide to have do overs, a new starting point.
So who cares if I didn't do any laundry-we have PLENTY of clean clothes,
who cares if I didn't sweep the floors-the Mr is on nightshift and needs to sleep,
who cares if I didn't go to the grocery store-we have food,
is this what retirement is like?? Is this something I would like?? Hmmm Something to ponder. In the meantime let's get some movement going on, up off the ass, change into some other work out clothes and go work out! 


Monday, February 8, 2016

M.oving O.n M.onday

Doing my best to stay motivated, but when your at the ER with the MIL from EARLY:AM until Late:THIRTY, then need to go get meds too, Why do we get so exhausted doing nothing, well no Zumba or Kettlebell for me tonight,  there's always tomorrow.

Friday, February 5, 2016

First FurBaby Friday

Well there are people who reads this thing!!  I was asked ''Why'' didn't I have anything on here about the FurBabies, ummm well hadn't got to that point yet but to keep the one (are there more of you out there?) reader interested here is my First FurBaby Friday post & photo:

Meet ANDI, the MR had her long before me so she's the ''Baby". You all know how it is with the FurBabies. In the beginning there was a bit of struggle between Andi, the senior female cat, Tori Ann, and me.  As in some days the struggle was real as to who was 'Head B%@#&, Main B%@#&, or The B%@#&,   

Monday, February 1, 2016

M.oving O.n M.onday

Moving on Monday today with Killer Kettlebell's. In my 'Re-Invention' plan to stay as active as I can I want to share this workout. These are only a 'few' of the exercises we do during class. On Monday & Thursday it's a 30 minute class after Zumba, and that class depends on how much my RA riddled shoulders can take of Kettlebell.
The K'Bell instructor Sue is starting her Springtime Challenge tonight, though I do want to loose some of the extra baggage, at the same time I really like my food nourishments. So I'll join the challenge-do my best-have fun with the girls and see what happens.
At this point I still feel like I'm in ''comeback from Hiatus'' mode 'cause frankly people I Am 60! And it's hard to get back to where I once was.....But believe me I Will!