Monday, February 15, 2016

M.oving On M.onday

On vacation, Again!! Yet another week scheduled though there were a hundred things planned, POOF, just like that they're gone....out the door, window, space where ever all I know is they're gone, and of course it's cold outside Sigh. Oh well not the end of the world there's always tomorrow. But I realized after the thought slashing I gave myself there is in fact another tomorrow, another day, where probably most of us decide to have do overs, a new starting point.
So who cares if I didn't do any laundry-we have PLENTY of clean clothes,
who cares if I didn't sweep the floors-the Mr is on nightshift and needs to sleep,
who cares if I didn't go to the grocery store-we have food,
is this what retirement is like?? Is this something I would like?? Hmmm Something to ponder. In the meantime let's get some movement going on, up off the ass, change into some other work out clothes and go work out! 


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