Thursday, August 24, 2017

You just can't fight genetics.

Here I am Again!!

August seems like it's Flying by.....I've had soooo Much going on the last few weeks with the MR's health, then my MIL, and again with the BIL (shhh don't really care about his crap).

Lets start with the MR....he's had a few issues before we became MR & MRS with the Ticker (2009) at which time I almost lost him...he ended up with a stint being put in the Widow Maker Artery. He was very lucky he didn't die during that time. A LOT of PT, time off work meds, revamped and finally he recouped. Though there were lifestyle changes done and he did improve You just can't fight genetics.
Now again it's reared it's ugly head yet again....he had been having heartburn, acid reflux, etc.....after consulting with 'Web MD' [I hate that site] he continued to eat Tums/Rolaids like they were candy until Yep pains in his chest & arm sent him to the ER from work on Friday....

After everything was said and done at the they couldn't find anything heart related for his chest & arm pain, but suspected it was his gall bladder that was giving him problems so we went on home. He went to work the next day [Saturday] had a couple more 'mini' attacks but since he was told it wasn't heart related he continued on...But Then Sunday morning was a Whole Other Story...he felt like crap, had some discomfort in his chest and just lousy feeling. We went to his family Dr on Monday....he informed us the Gall Bladder NEVER causes pain in your arm. He did order a gall bladder & Upper GI test and also managed to get us a heart Dr appointment the very next day..Thank You Jesus!!
Well the heart Dr really hated being second he orders another stress test (the MR just had one in March)....

So within a 2wk time period (as in 14 days) here's a re-cap in a nutshell:
     3 Doc's = 1 ER, 1 family & 1 Heart
     1 ER visit
     2 Dr's appointments
     4 medical tests = 1 GallBladder, 1 Upper GI, 1 Stress Test, + Blood Work
     1 Heart Cath
     2 Stints in the Widow Maker Artery!!!

Physical Therapy and some much needed time off is the current future plan....

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tuesday Tangent!

Routine.....a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.
Habit......a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.
Why can I not seem to get into one of these with my blogging....
I want to Blog, I really do......
I have stuff going through this thick head of mine, And the worse part I have Many, MANY races with videos already for recaps in DRAFT!!!!
So Why??
More importantly What!!
What am I going to do about this blog.....
How about this....Start OVER!!
I will be starting ANEW, I will start with a list of New Action Words for myself.....I Will make it a Habit to get into a Blogging Routine, I Will organize my day/time to if nothing else pop in and say Hey There....How ya doing....