Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breathe in...Breate out...Calmer now

OK now that I have had time to take in the idea of my daughter competing in a full marathon...insert a huge gulp with eye roll...I think I'm a little calmer now. I ask myself what else would you rather have her doing??

She's a good kid (even at 34 she's still my baby girl) her own children are growing up...sometimes to quickly it seems...her husband trains with her and also tries to compete in as many as his work schedule allows...she has a network of people for resources if she needs...and of course her absolute #1 Fan/Cheerleader/Historian/meaning moi will be with her every step of the way!! I sometimes tend to be over exorbitant with her accomplishments. One of those times was when the Serres Race was done for the season and she was the ONLY runner that completed the allotted races

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just what was I thinking?

Of course October has come and gone! And it's now the middle of November good golly time flies when your having fun right? Yea Right! The thing is, keeping up with all the other blogs (which are great) time has got away from me. I have just now seen my daughter' recent post to her blog (bobbie087.blogspot.com) and I can now officially say she has not only inherited the crazy gene she has the INSANE one as well!! She and one of her running buddies have now decided to run a full marathon (26.2) next may in Cincinnati. I know that I have been fortunate in raising her, she has made good decisions, is accomplished in her job, and have surrounded herself with a diverse group of friends during her school years and through out her life. But come on 26.2? Is she trying to give me a heart attack? Oh Oh and lets not forget she has also decided to put together a team of runners to compete in the Bourbon Chase next year we are talking about 200 miles people. Don't get me wrong I'm proud of her and all that she has done but as a mom I still fret and worry. Am I the only mom that is so protective of her child? I recently read somewhere that gray hair is "stress" highlights...guess I better call my hair dresser and set up some appointments looks like I'm going to need some color....!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time is not on my side!

I'm going to make this work..I'm going to make this work.. I'm going to ....try and post....something!!

October has come and gone it is now November and it still seems as though there are not enough hrs in the day..one thing that needs done is a priority list. I'm going to start that list and get back to you...What you need to know about is that I am a runners MOM and I Love It!! I think my daughter is awesome and will be her #1 fan forever. Later tonight I will post again with a more updated list of recent happenings since I started this blog way back when....for now though I need to start getting some steps on the treadmill..,baby its cold outside so steps will be in today....till later!