Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Everyone Please,
bear with me...
I've got all kinds of race
news to report
Other personal
news I want to share!

arunnersmom~that's what I am!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Giveaway time at Get Moving Ky....

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Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm the MOM that's why...

I don't know about other Mom's out there but embarrassing our kids, whether it's intentional/planned or not, I feel it is our right as a parent, maybe even our duty...think about the times kids have caused a scene at the store when they haven't gotten their way?? Or the times they call the grand parents on you for what ever...you know what I'm talking about.
Bobbie started her running journey in 2009 and though I wasn't sure why she decided to become a runner, I'm the Mom proudly standing at the finish line waiting for her to come through, yelling for her to KICK IT your almost there, or screaming GO GO GO, or better yet ''WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING''-(when she got her first PI, I didn't know she fell).
 I'm humbled and honored that she wants me there and can honestly say there haven't been many that I've missed. The Wilderness race series has started with the Shakertown 5K and it was there that I decided to look up and compare how 'my runner daughter' has changed in the past years... So this post is for My Baby...you are my One True Accomplishment in Life, I don't think I embarrass you anymore with my antics, but I will at least get one of the I can't believe your doing this ''Looks''. Here are pictures from the Shakertown races the past few years with her awards.




arunnersmom~~that's what I am!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

~ Thursday Thought ~

Turn your Face
to the Sun
the Shadows Fall
Behind You!
~ Charlotte Whitton ~

arunnersmom~~that's what I am!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shakertown 5K 5/4/13

Let the season begin...again...with the Wilderness Series that is!  WoooWhooo here we go! First I want to post a picture of one of my runners...
Mark Morgan this is for you! Your first on my list, with the positive remarks you gave me after the race I couldn't resist. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, your humor and wit is awesome and you simply amaze me with your dedication to the sport of running ..

Speaking of humor just look at my young'un...I didn't know what the heck she was doing....keep in mind she's starting to be more like me every day...in the picture she's showing how she 'tested' the stretch of her shorts in order to carry a stuffed animal..oh yea I'm a proud Mom....

OK so the shorts are stretchy enough, I give all my kids their Good Luck hugs, kisses and be safe before I head down the path to find a spot for photo opportunities... The spot I wanted was occupied by resident geese, geesh they were LOUD and not happy about me wanting to stand near them...

they decided to waddle their butts back to the water and nest, huh...fine by me, I had runners getting ready to roll...

Jason Todd #425...smiling as always...

Ricky Lane #446...in his zone eyes straight ahead..
Our own Ernst Crown-Weber #478...

Betty Lewis #475...her sister #479

Bobbie (my baby) #450 talking to Judy #432

Sheri Satterly in pink not sure what her number is...

Melinda Wofford #434 with her friend and new running buddy...

this is the first year that it didn't rain during the race...though it was in the forecast it stayed nice and dry for the runners...the gift of this rainbow proves just how great life is... 
sometimes it's not good for me to be alone waiting for my runner kids and the rest of the runners to finish, I tend to talk to whoever is there but mainly I get into stuff, the awards were already set up but here I am moving stuff around looking for one particular age group...you already know it's my young'uns...I swear it's the only one I picked up and took this picture...And She Won 1st in her age group....

well apparently my baby didn't like her run...doesn't she realize I've already taken a picture of her award... 
here are a few of my kids...and they ALL received awards...Woot Woot!!
Well Blog land here it is, May starts the season and is one of the busiest with all my runners, stay tuned for other posts from races in the meantime follow Danville Bike and Footwear on face book here:https://www.facebook.com/DBFKY?fref=ts or go to their website and look around a bit here:http://www.dbfky.com/. Trust me you won't be sorry,
arunnersmom~~that's what I am!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Derby Half Re-Cap!!

As promised here's a re-cap of the Derby Half Marathon that some of my runner kids competed in. Of course the day starts EARLY...Like getting up at 3:30 in the AM early. We live close to Louisville so we saved the money from getting a hotel room and drove up the morning of the race. It was a short ride for me...LOL I slept for part of the drive. Working so much during the week had caught up with me on top of working late the night before the race.
I went prepared for rain, I had my book, some water and snacks, and a blanket for warmth this Momma was ready!! Guess what? Didn't use anything in my stash. Katrina went along with Sheri so we hung out together while the kids ran....a nice surprise for me. We arrived at the Galt House to meet up with as many of the runners as we could, after of course pictures, we headed to the start line. Even though I'm pretty good about spotting Bobbie during races I found myself studying her attire, I was getting her picture if it was the last thing I did! (the race was sold Out!)
Admittedly I was apprehensive about the race. Not long ago as the nation watched Boston Marathon runners crossing the finish line only to witness explosions, Yes People, Bombs were set off near the finish line of the race.
As a Mom to not only a daughter and SIL that runs but also a 'runner Mom' too many other runners, was shocked and appalled to say the least. My mind went all over the place with the Why's. Why did someone need to do such a thing? Why are there people in this world that could do this?
What a lot of people don't know is that the Derby Marathon is one of the races that is a qualifier for Boston...and my runner kids were doing the half that shares the same finish line.
I already knew that 1 'bomber' was killed and the other had already been captured but that didn't stop me from saying yet again a prayer for not just my awesome group of kids, but for every one competing. I caught myself tearing up as I seen all the security around, thanking them as I stood at crosswalks watching all of the runners pass by. Katrina and I went and found a coffee shop then went to the 12 mile mark to wait for the kids to pass through and of course get more pictures, we already had a 'finish' point for after the race to meet up before heading home. I was able to see all my kids after they finished to again give them hugs and kisses for yet another race well done, and safe trips back home....please enjoy photos of my kids!
meeting up at the Galt House

several of my kids were accepted into 'Team Beef'

we met up with Jenica (in gray) on the way, she's just the cutest!

Check this Out!!
18,000 people and look who I see..
My Baby, I'm I the Mom or what?

Jason Todd, seems surprised to see me...

Ricky Lane, he's in pain...

Michelle Gilbert:), focused on her running.... 

Jenna Ellsworth with her Uncle Todd Kirkpatric

I was talking with a little girl and her mom and almost missed my own...oops!

there's my Boy!  well my SIL Gerard Perkins that is...

Jennifer Gover, she's still going strong!

Sheri  Satterly, this is her first long race,
she had a baby less than a year ago...
got'ta give her credit!

Judy in the purple tank top..

Angela Todd, again Jason always goes back for his wifey,
I Love that about him...
I will be posting a bit more as the Wilderness Series is starting this weekend with the Shakertown race, it's rained during this race for the past 3 years so I'm getting the rain gear ready and will post as soon as I can!  Happy and Safe running to all and remember...
arunnersmom~that's what I am!