Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's only Monday

So first lets talk about night shift--12 hr night shift. 7a-7p the hrs that the MR is working for the next few weeks. For me this means that I need to try and be quiet as much as possible so he can get some sleep, and it also means I'm not able to do my normal daily cleaning chores which means I either do them 'After' he leaves for work 'Which' is when I'm getting my gym time in 'Which' means not a whole lot is going to get done!! This old Lady is tired after 60-90 min of Abs, KettlebellAMPD, Zumba and tonight we started doing Arms class.
Guess What, none of this matters to anyone but Me!
I'll get to everything on his days off and start all over again next week. sigh!
Starting my day off with Coffee & Conversation with the MR is Priority for me, I listen to him gripe, comment, complain about everything that's going on at the workplace (I'm retired from there) send him to bed and most of the time I just FB'ed or do laundry downstairs. Today however instead of FB I went for walk, it was suppose to be just a short walk, yea well 4MILES LATER I get back home. Oh well at least I got my steps in Right !?!
My Mind tends to get busier & busier then stuff like this happens;
More stuff that I talked about in the video
 yet to come!
My weather this week looks like this--hoping for some of the same in Va Beach, Va leaving Friday (maybe Thurs) Bobbie, Mindy & Starr has a Half Marathon and I'm doing the 1Miler on Saturday WooHoo!
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