Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Year, New Month, New Day = NEW ME!!

Tap, Tap, Tap.....anybody out there?? Here I go again, starting over isn't hard to do its the keeping on that I struggle with. No MORE!! I've got to get better at ME!  My word for the 2017 New Year is this
I've had a lot of stuff going on in 2016 and plan on more stuff (constructive) in this brand New Year. There are so many blogs and self-help site designed for improving ones self, but guess what
               "I" know what I want to do,
                  "I" know how to do it,
                      "I" just need to GET WITH "IT"!

First things first, I ended 2016 with of course a race with the Young'un...the Resolution 5K typically is on Jan 1st but this year the Timers (3WR) changed it up and did the race on the EVE of the New Year. We got to the venue/race hotel and was quite surprised there really wasn't much of a crowd, Hmmm this typically is a Big race event as it starts the Race Running Season...and I'm wondering where are all the runners?? 'Cause you know runners run Regardless of the weather!!
From previous events with the Timers I again reached out for the possibility of doing their race photography......well after several weeks of NO response I ended up signing the Kid so she could keep her streak going as this is her 5th year (I think) running it. Though I had fully intended on taking pictures of the runners when we were getting ready to head for the Start line one of the timers 'informed' me to just send a Link when I have the pics loaded and they would post them.  Yea well with that remark I'm thinking if the pics aren't worth the entry price for the kid, your probably not going to get any, as it was so cold with wind blowing that was EXACTLY what happened.. ..I waited for 'my' runner kids to start and then went inside where oh yes it was warmer & toastier. I walked the hotel taking pics of the various decorations and made it back out side just in time to see my Baby coming up the hill to the start line. Snapped a couple of pics waited for her to come to me, shooed her on into the hotel and I waited for my other runners to finish then I went back in where it was warm...
138 Runners competed in a race that past history had 300+, Champagne Flutes to all the finishers Mimosas for those over 21 and awards were 3WR planners...don't was something.
Happy New Year! Here's to a New Month starting tomorrow, a New Day and to a New ME!
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