Monday, August 1, 2016

Do Over AGAIN with a MishMash Monday.........

What's Up......have you missed me??? Did ya even know I've been gone???????? Well let's see how I can do with a do over, starting with today. Life has been Great...Turbulent at times but still Great. Lets start the ole' blog with my ''Wanna Do List''
  • get the bed changed and sheets washed and hung on the line
  • get the floors swept haven't done this in couple days (the pet hair is CRAZY)
  • work on Menu Plan
  • Start Christmas list
  • work in the flower beds and yard (didn't I just weed?)
  • strip the garden (different plan for next year, sorry MR you're not included)
  • Go to the Gym later
  • update & check FB Groups
  • start working on Blog post list

Todays playlist:
           Dwight Yoakum
           Five Finger Death Punch
           Luke Bryan
Hope your day is fulfilling!
a runners mom & more!!

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