Monday, August 29, 2016

Busy Life Busy Wife!

I upped my steps on FitBit (11,000 daily, umm why?) walking every day will be a must, my plan is to increase by 500 steps every month or so,
went to the gym 3X last week and will do that this week as well,
 Picture Lady TShirts for the Get Moving Challenge starting on 9/10 delivered last week,
race meetings RunBrickHouse & Bourbon Chase done & done,
partnered with a new Race Timing Group (I Am Pumped about this can't wait to share more),
volunteered at 'Lil Cherub Sale' last week and have my volunteer spot finalized for Ky History Half next month,
 met with a local business will be donating a prize when we have November Plank Challenge,
started cooking & meal planning for the hubs while I'm gone this weekend (Va Beach Half with the Runner Daughter(s),
managed 1 blog post last week (something I really need to be more diligent about) hence why This one is getting done,
not counting all the daily chore stuff.......
Whew I Have been Busy!   
A Runners Mom & More       

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