Thursday, August 25, 2016

Reflection Graditude

Reflecting on my day,
I woke up to the smell of coffee as I do most mornings
that the Hubby has made (he turns it on for me),
a good Morning Kiss and that 1st sip of coffee
while our cat waits patiently on his stool ready to be fed,
our Canine Kid following me around waiting on her daily vitamins,
texting the daughter making sure she knows I Love her more than life,
usual daily chores started,
emailing about races coming up,
taking a 3mile walk break and seeing friends along the way,
having a successful meeting to get prize for up-coming challenge,
race meeting in Stanford,
praying Thank you God for giving me a chance to make up all my past wrong doings,
for helping me to realize it's up to me to follow your directions,
and to appreciate all there is in my life thus far.
                                                                     A runner's Mom & More

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