Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Blog 365 ~ Day Off...Kinda Sorta ~ Chenault Vineyards re-cap

Normally I would do either a Wordless Wednesday or a Worship Wednesday. But today I Kinda, Sorta took the day off. There wasn't a Bible Study group today due to Dr Briscoe being involved with a revival this week. Though I should have attended them I just didn't make the time for them this year. I know there will be more in the future, so will use the time to get more established with my FBC family.

Though I Kinda, Sorta took they day off it didn't stop me from getting daily household chores items done, along with laundry....

Lot's of LAUNDRY !!

And since I competed at The Flying Pig in ⛈Monsoon⛈ conditions [3X], and then again Heavy ⛆ during my 7 miler for Run the Bluegrass, earning this badge 

 was a piece of Cake!!
Yep in the Rain...

Let's talk a bit about yesterday's ''hike'' get together. I've sit out a lot of Tuesdays for various reasons, mainly I've been wanting to spend time with the G'Kid--she's not a hiker...yet! Yesterday we were invited for a special, Exclusive tour of Chenault Vineyards.
We do on average, have a good sized group that show up to hike,
So Many Amazing Women in this group. I'm honored to be a part of Casey County Explorer's. No matter how long I'm away from them I'm always welcomed back with open arms.
It's been a hot minute since I've been able to connect with Gal Pal Margaret, Luckily she still remembers me...🤣.

The Welcome Center was Amazing with Gorgeous decor [more on that at the end]


The grounds were impeccable...

Love the message in the Ladies bathroom...

Everything was Feminine Rustic.

Gathering around waiting on everyone to get there,

Lot's of catching up, and chatter,

Coffee, Donuts & Fruit cups for breakfast



 does it 👀 look 👀 like I knew what I was doing??

Afterwards we went on a tour of the vineyards and where they
make/package the wine...

Thomas was our guide...

The vineyards were beautiful!

I didn't [😒] get a picture of the Apple trees they've planted,
but did get the Blackberries!

Bottling & Packaging is done onsite....

Though it looks like a small operation they bottled 50,000+ bottles of various wines and recently was accepted into Total Wine stores..

 🤣🤣I HAD TOO! 🤣🤣

Friends, Food, Fellowship.....

And of Course Wine!

As I said the grounds were nothing short of Beauty & a Gorgeous setting...

It was a Great Day!

Huge thanks to my Friend Sue Chenault
for organizing and allowing us to enjoy your families amazing accomplishments and hard work. I will be back...did I mention they have a Wine Club !?!


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