Saturday, September 30, 2023

Blog 365 ~ Run Baby Run 5K race re-cap

That MOON People...
This my friends is what it looks like a ZeroEarlyDark:Thirty....on a Saturday Morning.

Yep it's race morning, with today's event being near & dear to my heart.

The 2nd Annual RUN BABY RUN 5K to support NICU/Snow Bunny Project babies. My 2 older G'daughters were NICU babies, 7 weeks early weighing in at 4# & 9 weeks early weighing in at 3.4# The oldest was born in January and of course the Coldest time of the year. She was so little that for the longest time we dressed her in Cabbage Patch clothes because even Preemie size was way to big...Her sister was born 4years later during the Hottest month of the year August. Though smaller, she was mainly in just a diaper with a blanket over her mid-section due to the heat & humidity. They didn't need a lot of NICU care but their size was the biggest concern. Both are now 29 & 25 and other than allergies [her mama's side] they are relatively healthy. 

The Snow Bunny Baby Project mission is to supply basic needs to families with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in 11 hospitals in Kentucky and Ohio. 2023 will be the 9th year of the project supporting NICU babies. 100% of the race proceeds go directly to the purchase of diapers, wipes, baby wash, etc to be donated the week of Christmas every year. A few of the hospitals the project supports are University of Kentucky, St. Joseph Women's Hospital, University of Louisville, University of Cincinnati and St. Elizabeth Edgewood.

Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from this morning....
Sonny & her Hubby are the founders of Snow Bunny Project.
Ringing that Cow Bell!!
They're Happy to see me going & coming...
[former] NICU Baby cheerleader...
Kids Dash Fun
Bob trying to tell them where to turn around...LOL! 
He wasn't exactly wanting to do this, but he did for me...
Paw Support....
Awards for All the kids....Great job runners in Training.

Not the whole way
 BUT, a good ways until he finished.

Something I'm finding more & more runners are doing...
looking/pointing up, praising Jesus for a Safe Run.

View More Photos Here--> 9-30-23 Run Baby Run 5K

View Results Here-->  Run Baby Run 5K

That's it for a race re-cap...a little rest, quick bite to eat and heading to tonight's 40th Pastoral Anniversary dinner for Dr. Darrick Briscoe [my pastor].

Friday, September 29, 2023

Blog 365 ~ Feline Friday ~ Talented Friends


Don't we all wish we could relax the way my Goober does !?!

Most all my friends are talented in some way/somehow, but my Friend Mac is quite the talented person with making fused glass. 

I Love this bowl she made!

Christmas Trees,

Soap Dishes with either a Gnome or Snowman face,

Different size Gnomes,

and these Christmas trees are more artsy.
The hubby has contracted her work for the gift shop where he works...I really think she's going to make a fair amount of 'pocket' $$ and it's a way to get her mind off of other life events she has going on, along with her volunteer work, then she's going to be a seasonal worker for Keeneland race track next month. Once the holidays start rolling - and we are planning our trips [WooHoo NYC-AZ & Charleston we're coming!!] there won't be anytime for pity parties! 

Time to charge the camera and get dinner started. It's a busy [ yep another one] weekend with an Early Saturday race, Saturday evening 40th Pastoral anniversary dinner & Trail Race Sunday October is booked with 10 race events, another race I will be doing, radio segments on Monday's, 5 different meetings scheduled, 2 photo shoots, 1 TedX forum, Halloween party, 1 football game[nephew starts Basketball in Oct as well], meet up with my friend Margaret for park walks, hubby Dr/leg scan appointment, 4 Bible Studies...not counting 13 Silver Sneaker classes, and walk/run training days for races I'm signed up for and starting Plank'tober....and going to do my best to keep up with Blog 365. 
Are ya tired yet ???
Shew I am!!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Blog 365 ~ Too much Thursday!


Ready to represent my hometown during Kiwanis wearing my Danville T-shirt,
Glad to see the lights are on for the corner downtown, I'll get a night picture when I head out Saturday morning for my race....There's so many that I think we could use downtown as a landing 🛪 strip!

Today's Kiwanis speaker was Emily Toadvine [in pink] from Wilderness Trace Distillery,

The Distillery & Kiwanis

teamed up to have a Chili Cook-off

we ended up making 9500$ 
Which will go towards a children's project &/or camp.

After the meeting I wanted to go to Aldi's to finish with my upcoming October monthly meal/menu plan stuff...all I needed was the 'blue' grain chips and I was getting the seasonal Maple cookies for us as a treat, when WHAM! The building shook.
....then THIS 👇
This lady apparently was driving WAY TO FAST into the parking lot and her car went completely over the parking bumper and she slammed into the side of the building.....Thank God no one was walking on the sidewalk and thank goodness she wasn't hurt!

Of course, ALL the Fire - Rescue - Police came....the store was evacuated until they inspected everything. Another surprise was the store has a 'Security Team' also....I wasn't allowed to get their picture...[understandably] but WOW! Sensors went off that alerted them something wasn't right, and they came to check & inspect what happened, Huge Kudos to Black Hawk! 
So other than a hole in the side of the building....
I took my butt home....and had a 🍪 cookie 🍪 !

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Blog 365 ~ Wednesday Walking

☕ Morning Coffee ☕
Breakfast appetizer of Vitamin's🤣! Well, I think it's funny....

Dressed for success and feeling really good this morning...
I Love this time of year...
Everyone is into decorating,
The bank sponsored a local school to show off a 6th grade art class,
So Many Mums around town,
These will continue blooming until mid-November according to landscaping company.

Of course, it was great to see the 'newest' building for the Arts Center come along,
at one time there was a Greek restaurant on the left, and you can still see the radio station sign on the right. They haven't been there in couple of years, so it was good to see something happen to the building. The project will be done in 3 phases and budgeted at 5 million. The first section is almost complete, and they have just a few hundred thousand yet to raise for phase one. 

I didn't get his picture of my friend Paden driving by but it was great to have him give me a Shout out!! And then as I continued my walk/run  
BAM! I see this girlie...
Desiree was headed for her interview at Centre College...she's a Chef and looking to get a job closer to home. They'll be crazy not to hire her. Quick hugs, kisses, good Luck Wishes from her then off I went again...
OOPS! I didn't know rain was in the was ok though. In the words of Katherine Switzer [who I met at RnRVB] what's the worse that will happen?? Your just gonna get wet! I'll never forget those words, or her other words of encouragement when I seen her again at a different race expo and she remembered me! The fact that it rained fairly steady until I got home was NOTHING compared to when I did Flying Pig earlier this year...

Home to dry off a bit then headed to Silver Sneakers...
Woo Hoo! Made it there 2 days this week....

Since I have a jammed packed weekend coming up I went ahead and stopped at Kroger to use my coupons and get October grocery shopping setup complete...I did go off my list somewhat only because I couldn't pass up both reg & decaf coffee that was on sale & frozen Veggie burgers [more on that later]. It pored the rain and thundered like crazy, I sat in my car and did some email and promotional work done until it eased up.

Quick lunchable for later that I really wanted lunch, took a relaxing bath, then checked out my 'Stats' from this morning.


I haven't had 14 min paces in a really long time....I'm quite pleased with myself, [yes I realize it's close to a 15 PMM-I'll still take it]
and 🤔thinking🤔 I need to start being more of a morning walk/run person...Thoughts??

Enough for now the hub's should be home soon and I'll be able to have a relaxing dinner and watch some TV before bedtime. I'm hoping with all the activities I've done today I'll sleep well tonight.


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Blog 365 ~ A few Tidbits Tuesday


Rarely do we go out for breakfast. This morning though I made the offer as I wanted to make a stop at Walmart across from Cracker Barrel. This is their Breakfast Benny! I ended up bringing 1/2 home...

Our Walmart stop much to the hubby's chagrin was for costume for a party we're going to...and actually I'm pleased I was able to talk him into this. It's simple yes, but he can wear anything he wants under it and take it off after photos are done....I personally think we'll be cute!!

While getting some office/race/computer work caught up my watch pinged me that I had a delivery from UPS. I was so hoping these would get here in time for the Fall Y'all Festival 5K. Promotion Pocketknives for 18 and older runners that sign up for the race. I have ink pens for others.

Then a quick early dinner since we were going to the nephews football's family night.
Look at this handsome man-child...
That grin...
The coach called for the parents to come with the boys for the 8th grade recognition, OUR names were also called while they were walking onto the field, so sadly we didn't get our picture taken with Brayden...[sniff-sniff😢] but next time for sure! 
Unfortunately, the Bulldogs lost, but not by much. They played a great game and did their best.

Home Late to finish this post and get ready for tomorrow...I need to get a walk in and going to Silver Sneakers too!